The beauty and charm of old cemeteries. Part I

Some believe that to visit the cemetery – a thing senseless and strange. However gloomy the Museum aesthetics of some of the cemeteries sometimes more inspiring than urban landscape or Museum antiquity. The history of the cemetery, his personality, his crypts and graves make you think about many things. Even Lennon and McCartney wrote their hits, when an old Liverpool cemetery. In particular, the song «Elinor Rigbi» was written under the impression from the two graves.

We decided to make a selection of the most interesting cemeteries in the world that are worth a visit. Maybe even you, I’ll bury it. After the death, of course.

Pere Lachaise, Paris, France

Why attend? If you want to gasitsya LSD and go to pay homage to Jim Morrison, write down the address: Paris, 20th municipal district, Eastern cemetery. Yes, in fact, the most visited cemetery in the world bored is called East. Although the locals referred to him only as «the city of the dead». Pere-Lachaise (literally «father Lachaise») is so named because a long time ago here stood the house of father Lachaise, Confessor «the Sun King».

48 acres of graves and beautiful trees. For 200 years it is not only the most prestigious cemetery in Paris, but also the greenest area of the city. Ironically, the freshest place around not fresh people. But once it was one of the most wretched and poor areas of medieval Paris. Sewage and crime there was so much that hardly anyone paid attention to this area. However, enterprising monks, the Jesuits became friends with the king, gathered all the poor and broke here a gorgeous Park with grottoes, ponds and other delights. Later, however, the order of the poorer, the beauty fell asleep and began to bury people. To raise the prestige here reburied the father of the French fables of La Fontaine and the father of contemporary theatre of Moliere. And away we go… Now here sleeps the eternal sleep Oscar Wilde, on the tomb which runs a rumor that if you whisper a wish and kiss of the Sphinx carved on the tombstone of the writer, the wish will come true. Balzac, Edith Piaf, Modigliani, too, lying around under the beautiful sarcophagi and tombstones.

Indeed, in terms of architecture is one of the most beautiful places in Paris. Randomly constructed alley is sometimes reminiscent of the whole city. Only the streets and avenues built no apartment houses, like they are multi-storey columbarium and cottages – luxurious tombs and crypts. And the movement on the grave and the streets less busy than in the centre of Paris – the place is not quiet. Here the children play worn tourists, and even picnics. The lush picnic, of course – at the grave of Morrison. Passionate fans in the ecstasy of drugs is not only outrageously ornamented the grave of the hero, but also stole the bust. In between the vandalism they urinate on the grave, as once her master urinated on the bar, partying and songs bawl. However, according to legend, the tomb is completely empty, and Jim Morrison works as a janitor at Burger King. But lying next to Chopin, Bizet and Rossini to be insulting and unpleasant that their eternal sleep disturbed wild cries, resembling «Take it as it comes». Or maybe just jealous.

What a relief to be buried? A lot of people link the necropolis with Russia. Here was buried the wife of Yesenin Isadora Duncan, the princes, the Demidovs and the same Makhno, who died in abject poverty, but in Paris. But in 1814 it was resting Cossacks, who kicked defended the city of students. And, of course, respectable neighborhood with a large can not attract you. And the fact that the cemetery resembles a thoroughfare, gives hope that after death you will not forget! However, very expensive to stay here, it’s easier to buy a cemetery in the Belgorod region.

The old Jewish cemetery, Prague, Czech Republic

Why attend? And now from Paphos and architectural studies in Paris cemetery, will move into a medieval gloom, mixed with tears God’s chosen people. The old Jewish cemetery in Prague is the most stereotypical medieval cemetery with crooked tombstones, and a melancholy gloomy spirit. When you get there, as if feel on the set of «van Helsing». Although it is situated in the heart of Prague, the ancient Jewish quarter, it’s quiet as a coffin.

The oldest tombstone Dating from 1439, though some argue that a Jewish cemetery existed long before the appearance of the Prague. Well, of course, because they were everywhere.

Approximately here lies more than 100 000 Jews while the tombs – not more than 12 000. However, despite the fact that the cemetery has long been closed for burials, the number of tombstones increases slowly year after year. And yet it should be noted that the territory of the cemetery is very small. How it all turns out? Just the Jews, to bury it near the old synagogue everyone (in those days, were buried near the churches, and to prevent a Jew was buried in the churchyard was as wild as swinging the severed head of the infant), covered the old burial ground, so as not to disturb the peace of the dead and find a new place for the dead. However, over time the land greatly subsided and revealed the ancient headstones, which displace more new like molars – the teeth dairy.

The graves, covered in moss and decay, a bit of gunpowder and earth, look ominous. Rounded bold and simple triangular guard the tomb of eternal sleep are interspersed scholars, the clergy, and simple shoemaker.

Well-known personalities here is that a Jewish astronomers and scholars of the 17th century. Is still the Creator of the Golem. Kafka, contrary to popular belief, not buried here, and the New Jewish cemetery. The Jews in Prague has always been a lot, and if they were buried on the old cemetery, then the cemetery would be in height more than the spire of the old town hall.

During the traditional pogroms over the grave are not abused only by the lazy. Mortal remains was dug up, thrown, broken headstones. But the cemetery has survived and every day looks more ominous, especially in the dark. Worth to visit at least for the infernal atmosphere of the cemetery, inspired by old movies.

What a relief to be buried? Nothing, it is magical to visit it and not everyone will like. Never bury. For two centuries, not buried.

Merry cemetery of Sapanta, Romania

Why attend? If you thought that the most ironic refer to the death of the Mexicans who cleaned the bones after the death of their relatives on the eve of the Day of Death, then the cemetery becomes clear that the Romanians ahead of the rest. If you do not believe that we must die with a smile, then make sure to visit the Romanian Merry cemetery, the gravestones of which are more like some kind of cheap popular Park of wooden architecture and carvings on the gravestones – comics Joan Cornella.

It is located in the village of Sapanta, close to the border with Ukraine. In the village the ethnic composition is not less colorful than the colors of tombstones: there are Ukrainians, Hungarians and Romanians, and all that unites them, motley’s headstone. Who came up with that idea? Local wood Carver, who apparently could not accept the fact that persecute the dead is a sin. So started to cut out crosses, decorate them with cartoons from the life of the dead and life-affirming phrases, perfectly illustrates the simple life of rural womanizers, alcoholics, sad sack and even respected people. Labels such as «the Deceased was a drunkard and a bully. Constantly harassed the neighbors, until it was crushed by machine to the delight of the whole village», is covered in detail in the tombstones, which reflects all alcohol, and especially the process of hitting a car, forced to look upon death as something natural and ordinary.

What a relief to be buried? Those who want to at their funerals, sang and had fun, like in the movies of Kusturica, urgently need to book a place. By the way, is like a gravestone of 200 euros, although each case is considered separately, maybe your eyes will drop ten euros, and, conversely, thrown. In any case, with this grave, the relatives will not make you into an angel after death. And thank God, you didn’t.

Hanging coffins of China; Sagada, Philippines

Why attend? Someone buries their relatives in the earth, but to hang the coffin on the rock is very strange. In China so do not do, however, long ago in the South-West of China lived mystical Because the people who hung their graves with wooden piles to the rock. Locals say the people could fly, and so it is for them special difficulties were made. Like it or not quite difficult to inspect because it happened 4000 years ago, and no one’s left, all of them carved Ming dynasty, the whole nation, in the 16th century. Than do not hit strange Because it is unclear, however, after the celebrations with the ritual singing, dancing and drinking all got drunk and slept truly dead sleep. Min troops from all sides attacked the sleeping camp, causing the whole nation was destroyed. All 40 000 people. Here’s a glorious death. The Chinese love sleeping to kill.

Hanging coffins of the Bo people, carved from a single piece of wood of NAS of Ukraine, they are not painted. The weight of the coffin was about 200 kg, the size is about 2 meters long and 0.7 meters in width. The body and lid of the coffin sealed. After the deceased was placed in the coffin, it was raised on rocky ledges or in caves that are at a height of 100 metres. The coffins were often arranged in groups. Know three methods of burial: in rock caves, wood piles, inserted into (artificial?) hole in the rock, on rocky ledges or wedged into the rock. In any case, to shove this thing in itself was a thankless task. Very ungrateful. Locals claim that the people knew how to fly, however more probable the version according to which the coffins raised on driven piles.

What a relief to be buried? Such disposal is, in the Philippines, in the valley of Sagada. Only, unlike Chinese, it is still possible to reserve a place. Mostly reserved for local elders, so it is unlikely you’ll be honored to be on the wall after death. Although… the relatives of the deceased and sometimes even wish to include a corpse in waiting it on the wall of rocks the coffin to soak up the fluids of the body, which allegedly stored the talent and luck of the deceased. Beside the coffin you hang your favorite table, and the crowds will wonder why you climbed so high. Old lazy kids and friends will complain that you Wake you have to fly to the edge of the world and climb rocks, and shouts: «Victor, get down! Zadolbali!» – will violate the eternal peace. So why so high to climb? The answer is simple: the ancients believed that it will be easier to get to heaven. They don’t know anything.

Zentralfriedhof, Vienna, Austria

Why attend? This is one of the largest and oldest cemeteries in Europe and the world, which, however, is still in effect today. Only on the Vienna Central cemetery has over three million graves. About a thousand of them belong to the category of honorary graves belonging to prominent citizens of Austria.

Externally do not even understand what it is: a cemetery or a memorial Park, because in the green lawns, fountains and sculptures are a masterpiece not immediately guessed the cemetery. Beauty, and only.

The cemetery was opened in 1873, but it was built on the conscience, so to speak, as a reserve to accommodate residents of the capital. The fact that in the mid-nineteenth century in Vienna began abnormal growth of population. That His Imperial Majesty gave the order to prepare the next springboard for corpses.

What a relief to be buried: Here are Beethoven, Strauss, Brahms, Salieri same, and nearly all of the Austrian cultural world. I agree, good neighborhood. But even before the cemetery is very conveniently serviced by public transport, but this is the case, if someone you will visit. And in such a beautiful place is a sin not to lie.

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