The beast within



Hello, dear editors! I come to you here for what reason. Probably each of us at least occasionally covered a strange feeling, consisting of rage, domestic aggression and anger. You’re turning into a real beast from hell. At such times, as they say, so people better not get in the way». So, lately these feelings often cover me. What would you recommend, and where to vent that rage, not to hurt himself and others?

The answer

Hey, dude! I hope you didn’t got mad because of the fact that we have so long did not answer?

No need to be a guru of psychology to understand that your «strange» feeling of anger must have very prosaic reasons, and you’re clearly holding something back, so we can only speculate, that torments you and why do you break the chain for any reason.

So, very often people get mad over little words that seem to them insulting and offensive. There is an important role your personal attitude to the person who these words say, and also an understanding of why he does it.

Look truth in the eye, look inside yourself, what is the true cause of your discontent? The only way you will be able to find a solution to your problem. Your outbursts harm you in the first place, destroying your peace and mind.

On the pages of our online magazine we often raised these questions, so nothing new or original I to advise you can not.

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