The bearded English major comics Creator Alan Moore

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Dude, comics are not always exclusively about superheroes. They have not always primitive story, a thousand of disjoint universes and many versions of the already known universe.

Besides comics, there are also graphic novels, which, although similar in appearance to the comics, but don’t have anything to do with them. The Creator of this wonderful genre can be called a bearded Alan Moore is an English writer and artist whose main works were two of the graphic novel «Watchmen» and «V for vendetta».

Dude has come a long way, to become what he wanted. He washed toilets, worked as a Tanner in the shop for leather production, but without special education has become quite a successful comic book artist and creative writer at the same time.

He participated in the development of comic book universes such as «Captain Britain,» «Batman» and «Superman», while in the 80s did not become an independent artist, who gladly gave major publications.

The first editions of dystopian novel «V for vendetta» brought worldwide fame to its Creator. The story tells of a dystopian world in which the wrestler in the costume guy Fawkes fighting the regime of «freedom forever.» History brought its Creator wild popularity, but also popularity she brought to the costume guy Fawkes. After a pretty average film adaptation made a mask «guy Fawkes» character of the Internet anonymous, which is known to be «not forgiving».

But Moore’s brilliant novel is the issue of the 12 graphic novels of alternative history «Keepers». In this novel Earth and our world are virtually indistinguishable from each other, except that in this world there are superheroes. They have no superpowers, they’re just people who decided to do justice. At some point, President Nixon banned the activity of superheroes, they retired, and no one except the anarchist Rorschach threw to administer justice. The story is notable for the fact that it is simply superbly crafted characters, each of them represents a real person and, despite the fact that they are fighting crime, none have really positive character. Also in the comics there are people with superpowers is Dr. Manhattan. For the first time Moore has introduced a character that has divine power, but that was quite a weak person and who absolutely did not care about the fate of humanity. Great sea of the topics covered in the novel, a wonderful story and quite a nice painting make the Roman equivalent of the works of the great classics of traditional literature.

Moore himself, by the way, is a wild defender of the oppressed masses, while managing to combine it with a hatred of mankind. Dude is hoping for a bright future, still believes that people will remain cruel to animals.

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