The basics of cleaning gun


A few years ago, my friend from the States, my father gave the gun — the gun Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum. Because of this gift, as sentimental or monetary nature, he felt the responsibility and need to care of it so it served me many, many years. He told me about how to clean a revolver and I want to share that, unfortunately, not useful in our country knowledge with You. Because you never know which skill you will need tomorrow.

Any owner of a firearm can safely say that only the cleaning is insufficient to increase the life of the revolver, however, necessary for the safe use of. Methods of cleaning the gun a lot, and in ways of cleaning. But I will share it to their favorite method, which is practiced for a long time.

* Quick disclaimer: I’m just the owner of the weapon, not the expert. Always read the instructions for the use of specific weapons, and if in doubt, consult a certified dealer. By the way, don’t forget before cleaning, make sure the weapon is unloaded.

How to clean a revolver?

Step 1: Make sure the gun is empty.


Step 2: Collect all the cleanser in one place. In the pictures below, you can see what a special set I have. This is a typical universal kit and you can buy it in any specialty store. In addition, you’ll need a solvent for cleaning and gun oil. There are many different tools for all kinds of weapons. For your revolver I use a solvent Hoppe»s # 9 and Remington gun oil.


Step 3: Tie a rag or old sock rear cylinder. This will help to protect the weapons from damage during cleaning of the barrel with a brush.


Step 4: Put the brush in the solvent for cleaning weapons. There are brushes of different sizes, so make sure you choose the right. The size should be printed at the bottom of the barrel of the brush.


Step 5: Purge gun barrel brush.Put natural motion and make sure the brush goes on the other side of the trunk. Then get her moving in the opposite direction.


Step 6: Soak the piece for cleaning arms in the solvent and shove it down the barrel, thus cleansing it. There are many different views about how many times you need to repeat the procedure. My revolver is always well maintained, so once is enough for me to wipe the inside of the trunk flap obmochennuyu in solvent and dry. If you have a dirty gun, as you had not cleaned or for some other reason, you will have to repeat the procedure several times.


Step 7: Using a brush (you can use your toothbrush if you don’t have special kit for cleaning weapons), cleanse the area around the trunk and then using a little solvent, clean inner surface of the cylinder.


Step 8: Brush, lightly obmochennuyu in solvent, clean the cylinder both outside and inside.


Step 9: In continuation of the procedures for the purification of a revolver, don’t forget to pay attention to the extractor rod. You need to brush it also brush soaked in a special solution.


Step 10: there pissing my brush in the solution clean the cylinder bore. Moreover, to reach with a brush need to the end on each side.


Step 11: Remember how you cleaned the barrel piece? The same procedure is repeated in the case of purification of the cylinder.Cleanse two pure pieces to get the best option.


Step 12: Take a small piece of clean cloth, promoci gun oil and lubricate your gun, inside the barrel and cylinder, with the exception of the handle.



Step 13: Another clean cloth remove excess oil and Polish the gun.


And finally, remember that this is simply a standard cleaning that should be performed after the use of weapons to long you served.

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