The basic norms of decency, about which all forget

In letters to our editors often get asked how to change your life and the attitude of people towards it? To begin to start to observe the rules of decency, has become the easier from the crowd you’ll stand out. However, there is a danger that you will become an experienced reflective aesthete is not able to live in a vulgar society, but it’s the little things. Still, these rules greatly purify society.

To talk on the phone in public transport

Talking loudly on public transport has always been considered bad manners. However, with the advent of mobile phones in our life, it seems, this rule is forgotten, from the driver of the bus and the ending, a very decent lady. When we were the most reading country in the world, the people in the vehicles were silent, and their glances were directed towards in books and Newspapers. Now what? To read on the way to work is impossible, because from everywhere I hear: «Bob, take off my robe, falls the rain», «Eugene S., yesterday’s report I took Nina Stepanovna», «Oh, and yesterday, can you imagine…» People, please, respect other! No one wants to hear your banal story.

In fact, in many civilized and not countries to talk on the phone in public transport with a single purpose – to say, «I’ll call you back».

Even if not equal to other countries, he needs to understand as uncivilized.

Remember, there are two magic words: «I’ll call,» if you’re proud, and rich, and «Call me back in minutes,» if there is no money. I’d think about you, when you will once again to discuss the upcoming party?

Take in a movie at the adult sessions small children

With all the love for «flowers of life», with all the understanding that they have no one to leave, we recommend that you take the child to the cinema if it is not interested in this. If the child is difficult to sit through an hour and a half in one place even taking into account the promised popcorn, then too young to drive in public places. If he is calm and sitting quietly and exactly in the position where you put it, then you can.

Yourself understand how difficult a young child for a long time to look at the face of Karam… Eid… Cumberbatch. So he begins to act up. So either somehow magically, the word of God or the belt, teach the child to humble behavior and monastic patience or refrain from going. Honestly, there’s Alberto key phrase says, and six-year-old Ilya, pounding like a herd of dwarves, shouting to the whole room that he wanted to write. Some parents do not worried about what their child running around the halls, shouts or beats feet on the back of the chair. People gave money in order to have fun, not to sit and think: «Yes, you plug your screamer!»

Sneezing and coughing in public, not covering mouth with a handkerchief or at least a hand

They say that in the secret lists of the day of judgment God has marked these people as doomed to eternal damnation without regard to righteous deeds, because for something to sputter and bacilli the entire tram, capable only natural filth. It is clear that from a cold no one is immune, and if you irritate the scabies attacked the throat, not coughing is impossible. Long, methodically, irritating everyone around and shaking transport. But hide behind Elon musk’s sake! Create at least an imitation of security, give people false hope that they are not infected.

Frankly dressed and not less openly stare

Since we are reading ladies, I want to say one thing: cute girls, don’t dress like in your life is not enough of rape! Anatomical booty in leggings beautiful when it is of adequate size and towers over the sidewalk, like a beacon anal. Same thing about short skirts (they should at least cover the shame) and chest, violently pulled out. Woman decorates modesty, and your charms are visible even when not exposed.

And you, doggy, I would advise not to stare at what is in the horizon «Carabela» gigantic proportions. It is not necessary to do it pointedly, whistling and loudly praising the natural advantages ladies. It’s not a man, it is at least idiotic. Like the lady filling her with compliments above intimate areas, but only tet-a-tet.

To go back to sitting backwards

Graceful companions note. When you come to the theater or to the movies and understand that to get to your place, you need to pass through the narrow passage, avoiding the feet of seated comrades, remember, you need to go strictly turning to face them. So, show them your groin, and not the fifth point.

Swearing in public areas

Of course, the Mat cures, makes difficult concepts much more accurately conveys the emotional connotation and brings to the boring life of the new paint. However, to talk with his friend in a densely crowded public place even on the topic of human imperfections and sexual abilities to your mutual friend can only be the language of Belinsky and feta. Themes like the last so do not discuss in the presence of third parties. And then suddenly next to you, her father – the champion of the Udmurt Republic in hammer throwing? If the subject is so painful that without people’s words do not, discuss it in another place where no one will overhear. It does not look worse than you are. The world is hostile to us, people tend to look for each other just poor quality – they first catch the eye. So surprise something good.

To contact «you» to a stranger

Rude to bother strangers with the words «Brother», «Boss», «Bro», «Man», «Hear». What is it you brother? You even have different origins, I’m not talking about education. To strangers of both sexes is necessary to address on «you». No need of familiarity, it will not give you a privilege, for it is one cigarette pack will not. Show us what you brought up, most people are very mistrustful of those who he pokes. Of course, there are areas where «you» is questionable at lads, but we’re talking about the global. Even the taxi drivers are not very happy when they «poke» Shnyrev, which is years less than drenched in machine oil.

Spit on the street

Like a grown educated man like well dressed, and spit at every step. Showed your inner world? And then what? Even if you’re a smoker, don’t need to sharkiat phlegm in front of everyone, your the consequences of bad habits must remain strictly with you. And throw them at the feet of the citizens at least indecent and disrespectful. For some it actually causes nausea. Do not be surprised that think of you as about the animal. Even Hitler never did. Are you worse than Hitler?

To communicate with the person holding the gum in his mouth

It’s first of all disrespect to the interlocutor. As said Dmitry Dibrov prankerami, «get H. and of his mouth when adults are talking»! So here, your mouth performs one function – the function of communication, so make cavity from foreign objects and communicate.

By the way, stick your hand in his mouth to find there the gum and throw it away it’s no less disgusting than farting in a public place. A handkerchief or napkin to his mouth, there is a foreign object – and voila! – about you a different opinion. Everyone will think: what a nice boy you will give him his daughter and the business. If neither napkin nor handkerchief face and subtle clear cavity or shove gum in cheek, so no one would know of her presence.

Take ladies heavy bags, to shake hands, hold the door

In the unwritten law of a gentleman these rules are defined are in the top 10. But many ignore them and then wonder what the hell the circle is full of lesbians and feminists? Only feeding hand and grabbing the bag, ask the ladies for permission to help her. Because now the dashing, and pulls out a strange man, who without permission, grab the bag, causing first shock and not the feeling of gratitude. But the doors need to hold always.

Openly yawn

We are very happy that you have new seals. We sincerely believe that you really spent, and your white teeth makes us more excited than the festival of free beer. But look at the way you yawn, it is no less disgusting. This is one of the purposes for which God gave you hands. So. The teeth you have are not beautiful, every second is yellow, full of holes and rotten.

Burp and fart

In the company of men there is an opinion: «Better to fart heroically than treacherous to put gas». So, in other companies under any circumstances do not. To belch loudly after a meal is also not permissible. I don’t need to explain why?

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