The bad to date a anorexic

anorexia through the eyes of men

In the last few years I have noticed the rampant fashion for thinness among female population. When I was younger years at least seven or anything of the sort, of course, lags behind the Western society was observed. And you know, I think it was good. Neither my girlfriend at the time, not whining that she’s fat, not starving all day and wanted to be like a skeleton. No! I often heard that someone wants bigger Boobs, some ass rounder. But those days were in the distant and beautiful past, and now triumphantly marching through the world stupid fashion for thin body, which in addition also deprives men of the last nerves.

At first I wanted to write an ironic post titled «What’s good Dating anorexic» and tell them what it will cost you less ordinary girl and will always try to look better. Then this bright idea was replaced by another, when I remembered the time when met with this, turned his weight a girl and some jerk did this to me. She remained in the Siberian territories, and what is it now, I don’t know, and I, frankly, don’t want to. It involves a lot of unpleasant memories. Why I do not hit the sun?

1. She constantly whines about her looks

Yes, looks are very concerned about these girls, and it would seem, what could be better? Girlfriend always has to look good! Nah, man, it’s too thick, pardon the pun. The sun is downright obsessed with their appearance and conduct in front of a mirror absolutely unhealthy amount of time. They are always dissatisfied with himself, and any hike with them to the store is torture. They whine that it fits on them so that their size is not or what it is, but they want the other. Your jokes will not save the situation because she’s too sensitive and vulnerable and will take them seriously. No jokes about fat. Any phrase in which there is no hint of her figure can still be perceived in bayonets, because her brain only works in this direction and is constantly looking for your words catch.

2. It is very fragile and vulnerable

Anorexic might cry at any moment because she is, shall we say, mentally not very healthy and is always in a bad and depressed mood. Yes that there, she’s always depressed and rarely can fully communicate. It is generally very bad is what she wants: then yells, cries and runs to put up and already crying with tears of reconciliation, it becomes sweet. She so hated his body that does not allow you to touch him. If you give her compliments, she doesn’t believe in them. Your approval of anything for her doesn’t mean she always thinks you’re lying to her to comfort her, and in the end it really makes you crazy.

3. It is impossible there is

But cafes, fast food outlets and restaurants — this is a huge component of any Dating! It was torture for her, and she turns any meal into a torture for you. When you sit down at the table, she can not order anything or just ask for a glass of water, pretending to be not hungry. Such idiocy. You’ll feel like a complete fool, gobbling up the steak, when in front of you sits your girlfriend and not eating anything. In such situations, the lump in her throat. I guarantee it.

She could order a light salad and greed to glance at your plate full of different Goodies. You notice that hungry look, suggest her to try, she will refuse to look at food through the eyes of dog. In short, very unpleasant and generates in you a sense of guilt. For what? For what decided to eat like a normal person?

Another option combines a meal is when she gets normal human plate of food and picks at it until you’re done eating. I don’t know whether she eats something out or just pretending. In General, a trip with a girlfriend in the catering becomes stupid and not even funny. I wonder how you manage to turn a normal daily activity in such insanity.

4. In bed she is disgusting

Even here it’s no good. First, she hates her body and so do not hurry to undress in front of you, that you GOD FORBID did not see her «fat». Secondly, it may completely lose interest in sex because of the depletion of the body, but if a woman wants to have sex, or does so only from a sense of duty, the process is hopelessly flawed. You know, I’m sure during sex it counts how many burned calories, and therefore cannot take in this activity with the head. When I’m somewhere in the middle I noticed there was no expression on her face, I no longer wanted to continue. No pleasure, friend.

5. She’ll make you crazy

And even when she will recover or when you throw it, you won’t go back to normal. You become easily irritated for any reason, you will have the habit to analyze any words that they did not contain any hint that could lead the woman out. You will become a master of detecting allusions in every sentence! As well as you will become the master of excuses. You’re going to panic at the sight of female tears. Yes there for a long time you does not want to watch women.

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