The authors of the effects of «Game of thrones» showed the army of white walkers

manygoodtips.com_8.07.2015_oK0bFJZLwWoXVWhen watching «Game of thrones», we rarely think about how many in the series of fabulous creatures and computer graphics, after all, to build life-size is very expensive. One thing – interesting story, great acting, but without white walkers and dragons, the series would lose part of its charm. Especially in this fifth season. I think an effective army of white walkers played a crowd of homeless people? Not at all, it’s all computer effects. And made it a Spanish Studio of visual effects, El Ranchito Imagen Digital. Recently they published a video telling about the process of creating the army of the dead from the eighth episode of «tough house». If you have forgotten, the white walkers had a fight with feral.

Five-minute video shows both General and close-UPS. Most of the scenes as shown in the video, filmed on a green background, which then superimposed the images, mainly landscape.

In one part of the movie, actor crushes foot head white Walker, another kills him with the sword: and he and the other frame as shown in the working version and finished. Mass accumulation of dead completely created with computer graphics, for the close-UPS were used by the actors. And I must say, everything turned out fine, because we at the sight of a white Walker was terrified. And if I were on the battlefield and saw the face of the leader of the walkers, it would have instantly soiled himself and began to call mother. Thanks to the gloomy atmosphere of despair and what was happening during the battle, it no doubt can be called one of the worst in the history of cinema.

For the Spaniards it was the first experience with the American channel HBO. As a rule, in creating the special effects for «Game of thrones» involve several different studios. Carry out one simple job: working on color effects, details. Others perform more complex tasks: 3D models, large scenes, etc. For their spectacular special effects, the series was awarded an Emmy.

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