The authoritarian mindset

From Erich Fromm, psychoanalyst and human being, worthy of a place in our category «Heroes», there are many interesting books, such as «Escape from freedom». The book rises an attractive and timeless theme of freedom and voluntary renunciation of it. You wonder how you can reject such phenomena as freedom, voluntarily? Somehow, in our understanding, the absence of freedom is prison or house arrest. If you seriously think, I am not sorry.

Erich Fromm observed, and the victory of the fascist regime, and its collapse. He saw millions of German citizens earnestly refused their freedom. They did not seek for freedom, and was looking for a way to get rid of it. Millions of people were totally indifferent to the fate of their will and did not think that it is to die for, or at least to fight. As we wish to be free, it is unpleasant to realize that most people mean by freedom or opportunity to do so with impunity, or throw trash everywhere, or some abstract stuff. Freedom is the respect of personal space of another person with responsibility for their own and others actions. Many major philosophers have tackled the problem of freedom (recall the aforementioned Fromm), therefore it is not necessary to invent anything, when everything is invented before us.

But who has voluntarily given up freedom? Who do not need freedom, but need only to have something to eat and whom to touch? Someone calls them a sadomasochist, but there are more pleasant hearing the name of the authoritarian personality type. Unfortunately, such people really a lot. As a rule, the authoritarian personality type are members of the species «m*Dak ordinary». Perhaps they support a bad type of government and are willing to tolerate from a strong leader anything. Power is always the elevation of one person over another. Sometimes due to the fact that it is in the highest class, and sometimes quite rightly, when people more experienced and smarter than the other. For a person authoritarian type of thinking power is not a consequence of superiority of one person over others. For such people, power is a type of luxury or it is or it is not. Power — the reason for any activity and in the understanding of our hero, the one who has the power, everything is permitted. And no one can stop him. Why is this happening? Because the pursuit of power is the ability to overcome their inner emptiness, a business impotence.

What tends to the authoritarian person?

1. The concept of «father meets son» to pay for the original error must always

The authoritarian person does not forgive. He believes that the son always follows in the footsteps of a bad father. Do not care what the son is a separate body. The authoritarian will say that «the Apple from the tree…» that blame genetics and other harmful heresy. It is difficult to explain to such a person that the character is not inherited, and laid as a result of certain events.

Also this man does not forgive. Absolutely! Made times error — bound to pay for it all my life. To change this you can not: authoritarian mindset does.

2. The worship of something higher

By its nature, passive, authoritarian people are constantly trying to shift the responsibility on others for their mistakes. «Not we such, life is such», «This society made me this way», «This is my destiny», «God sees everything», «the Government/authorities will judge» — all these words are this kind of people. Despite the fact that in life there are many factors beyond the control, this man believes that it is necessary to go with the flow. In addition to the required minimum for survival to eat, drink, read something easy and work, where there is a chance to get a drop of power to do nothing. The owner of the authoritarian mindset tends to what limits his freedom. Deep down, he understands that freedom is a hell of a responsibility, which he probably won’t do it. So he gives freedom a negative value. For him, freedom is chaos. After all, the free will have to decide YOURSELF! Fuss somewhere to run, to think, to make decisions that are at odds with the opinion of drugih. For it free people — chaotic people, threat to society rebels. In some ways, the hero of the play Griboyedov Famusov — a typical representative of this type of thinking.

3. The desire to obey

This is reflected in the masochistic desires, that he can do nothing for themselves. For family, for society, for some abstract people around, for the country and for someone — always please. Our hero is not doing any important things that would affect society, but at the same time does not live for itself. Not even trying. He just doesn’t know how can you live for yourself. This is selfishness, and selfishness is fu finally!

4. Specific religion

Another feature of the described people — religious, though very specific. God or fate for them is an absolute power before which they bow. It seems that the deluge, the plagues and other questionable events that are mentioned in the old Testament is logical and justified, he did not think, good or bad. Is God he has the right. Fromm wrote that the representatives of the authoritarian personality type don’t want to be in control, relying on the will of those above: «a Common feature of all authoritarian thinking is the conviction that life is determined by forces that lie outside the person, outside his interests and wishes. The only possible happiness consists in submission to these forces.» For such people religion is not a philosophy and not an outlet, and that is what determines their moral superiority and caste identity is strong and the elite.

5. For them there is no concept of equality

Our hero is unable to recognize the existence of such thing as equality. No matter what possibilities, class, economic, racial, religious. Of exclusive hierarchical thinking. He to the pain in the groin to prove that some oligarch has the right to be rich, because in time he caught a larger piece and also has the right to exploit workers in the far North. He has the power, therefore, has the right.

Women are physically weaker? So must obey. Children are weaker than adults and younger? So, you manage and control anything you like. Not necessary to beat, but mentally push them and say that they do not reach, for example. The world for this guy (or girlfriend) is composed of people who have power or not. Have the right or the trembling creature. Such a person is able or domination or submission. A sense of solidarity for him there. He is also sensitive to any differences, whether gender, race, and belonging to the nation, the antiquity of race, religion, sexual orientation. For him the differences — signs of higher and lower class. Girls with this type of thinking will insist that all girls can: to sit on the neck, lie, lie and even change. Men will insist that women are stupid, petty, know nothing and capable of nothing. If they will meet the man who will surpass them mentally and even physically, but at the same time, for example, will have a different floor, men shit victimized to prove the inferiority of other people. It reminds me of a funny jerk at my current gym. Dude waving gantelkami five kilos, but with open hatred looking at girls who are doing a deadlift with 70 pounds and thus look quite a feminine. And constantly in the corner with his cronies lying.

These people are unhappy. I don’t know whether to change them. From childhood they feel helpless, could not take the situation into their own hands and to take the initiative. It seemed that the only thing they can do about it — get the real power to rise above other people. As you know, they become the worst Directors and worst bosses. But history shows that such rulers like myself like. A strong king!

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