The attribute of a citizen

Each of us has his own den, average, not, or luxury apartments. And all apartments have attributes whose native inhabitants of the vast country together. Even if they are not in your apartment, they probably have the apartment of your grandmother. Here are just some of them.

1. Bank for the nails


Bank of coffee or tea. Preferably iron. With the nails. This is the Yin and Yang of any home. These nails may not be used years. And never. There is a possibility that the screws will be transmitted from father to son, and even the Bank will change. But it will always be the Bank! A jar of nails and screws is a symbol of masculine stability. That is to say, the stronghold and the stronghold of every home! Well, the symbol of male strength and courage. And what would the canisters for nails did: a beautiful, large – will still use the jar. Because traditions die hard.

2. Package packages


Someone just likes to collect beautiful packages. And someone, because of tradition or economic practicality and frugality, continues to collect any plastic trash. Package a package is a huge uterus, mushrooming tiny cubs. Package a package is a symbol of fertility. The more packages, the happier and richer family.

Previously, the packages were very rare. Even the plastic bags was considered a great deficiency and so carefully erased wise Housewives. Apparently, the tradition has remained, because it can not be called collecting. It’s a cold calculation. Really convenient: take out the trash, and the like.

3. The crystal


A symbol of luxury every Soviet man, gradually turned into our time.

It’s very simple. You give a wedding set, you put it in a prominent place to let everyone know that you’re actually not a poor man. But still from these services no one ever will not drink. Well, high times in life, brotherhood, drunk. Because you’re not rich enough for that.

Same situation with China sets and tableware company «Bohemia». It lies, gathering dust, and can not get rid of. Or pity, or shame someone is to give.

4. The carpet on the wall


Some argue that the carpet on the wall is a sign of low culture. Others – on the contrary, that it is a luxury and symbol of wealth. In those days, when the maximum, there are 3 types of sausage, and only one of them was on the shelves, nice carpet cost somewhere 1500 rubles. With an average salary of 120. We have had more than a year to work hard on this wool wonder. And what are you going to do with it? So just to get rid of after so many months of labor in the hairy bastard?

Besides, remember «the Big Lebowski», who risked his life for your carpet because «he was asking the style of the entire room.»

5. Toys your sister


And maybe yours. Who are you, rascal, knows. Teddy freaks who, like monkeys, have occupied all the cabinets and hills. And under the layer of dust they began to remind snipers that took up a good height. Some of these dust – the former favorite toys, and other souvenir from the hapless boyfriend. Others – in General random. To the question: «Why is no one toy didn’t you?» response should not be. Why? I know myself, and suddenly come in handy. Yes, and sorry. So let popytatsya.

6. Wallpapers


Lying on the couch in your Sterlitamak and looking at the wall. And on it, a great view of the Alpine mountains or the blue sea. Or, better, on birch, because it is Patriotic. And too lazy to go to the Park. And this exotic will always set the atmosphere in the room. Better than any carpet. Not going, to dream!

7. Old furniture


Do not dare to run into the owners, for even in the era of mass distribution «LEGO» of particle Board called «IKEA» not everyone can afford to update the interior. And some are just too lazy – and so they are satisfied. «That’s why the Romanian sideboard dad 4 years stood in a queue!» – they answered. Yes, and sorry. Here in this door is beautiful. Glass. And nothing that he kind of stooped down. A cassette with songs Ukupnik will enclose and you’ll be fine.

8. Red corner


«Grandfathers prayed, the parents didn’t pray (well, at the same time was impossible), and I will!»

Red corner – a hint of logopedisti the landlord. In the presence of the icon (preferably more, to as many as possible of the saints was on your side), the Bible and perhaps the Orthodox calendar to know when to celebrate. The probability that the owner once prayed to 0. The probability that the liturgical books read, is also zero. But knows when he has a birthday party. Well, just knows. And Holy drinking water. However, only in cases of emergency.

9. Press


Modern man does not read books, read Newspapers. Magazines, Newspapers, ogelthorpe!

But it is important not existence, and dislocation. Here, for example, toilet is a perfect dump for the rooms of «Komsomolskaya Pravda» in the last six months. And in the hall let magazines. They like to gather in the bunch, but when? The more fresh your room is not read, so keep ‘ em in the dump, right next to the TV.

10. Flowers and fruits


Characteristically, necessarily artificial. Against the living dare not to stutter. They really are very useful, as and real fruit. But a sham – a relic of the 90s. Especially the flowers. So, the more green the happier. However, it is necessary to wipe, and the glory of the mistress, which leads a rag with fabric petals and dotted with drops of dew. Usually it hangs in the closet.

But with delicious and healthy food made of wax or plastic more difficult. Well, if it’s a bundle that should be hung. But with a large vase harder. It has 15 years, moved from place to place. And it seems a pity to throw away such beauty, and dust wipe not want. But it will stand with the Pocono centuries, even if the owners prefer the healthy food culinary masterpiece in the form of fried potatoes.

11. Knitted tablecloths and napkins


Hand-made from your grandmother that the mother did not allow it to throw because beautiful. Therefore, it is the same vase with artificial fruit, or it covers the center housing of civilization – TV. Options to attach hand-made very much, but the main thing that it was obvious, because it is not forgotten are the days when the hostess needlewoman was considered standard.

12. Figures

Pora was.kom.ua_13.04.2015_fucl17Nr5tWGD

Different porcelain ballerina frog on coins, and the Grandfather frost with the snow Maiden – all the figures stood silently, watching with his sad eyes through the glass door on your life. They are sad. And for you, and for myself. After the frog realizes that no good it will not, if you don’t work.

13. Photo frames and postcards


If cards, that’s a very good thing that it is a pity to use as the addressee, with a photograph of the sanatorium in Gudauta or some other coastal beauty.

But with the framework you can do anything. Often empty, with the face model girls instead of the intended photographs of the master or mistress. And some serious and beautiful photos depicting the best moments of life. Yalta – 88, first class and failed, but a nice picture of the family.

14. Stuff for gifts


Extra Packed set, photo frames, nice pen, which was given at work that was given to you, carefully shelved in a separate pile. In extra time, especially when too lazy to spend money on gifts, you can find a purse that lies idle for five years, though you were going to use it, and give it to my best friend, forgetting that he gave it to you.

15. The trash on the balcony


And where else to put the bike and old furniture, if there is no garage.

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