The art of worldly wisdom

manygoodtips.com_18.09.2014_dthUJ6IxqXAHQThe question of how to safely enjoy life in a cutthroat world filled with cunning, duplicity, and power struggles, maintaining dignity, honor and self-respect, cared for people during nearly all the history of mankind.

Specifically speaking, such thoughts haunted the Spanish novelist, philosopher and theoretician of literature — Gratiano Balthazar, who lived in the early seventeenth century.

Jesuit, the largest representative of the Baroque literature have created an amazing, filled with the deepest wisdom of the eyeballs a piece called «Pocket Oracle or Science of prudence». It was the first book of Spanish origin, which has received wide popularity in Russia long before desperate Cervantes in 1742.

Unfortunately, at home, the author had the opposite success.

Because in those days there was a ban for members of the Jesuit order to print anything without prior approval of his superiors, his essay Gracian published under the name of his cousin Lorenzo Gracian, but Holy Jesuit brothers quickly saw through and rector of the Zaragoza Board issued a public reprimand Baltasar. He was stripped of his Department, where he taught a course of «moral theology» in Catalan Lleida, was exiled from his native city and sentenced to severe penance on water and bread.

The last year of life Graciana was filled with humiliation, misery and despair, which he paid, giving the world a book about wisdom. Ruthless bitch, fate played a writer is very cruel joke.

«A tendency to melancholy, bilious character, irritable, dissatisfied with everybody, sarcastic kicker», wrote about him in contemporaries, while much later Schopenhauer and Nietzsche found in his book inspiration, admiring the simplicity and thoughtfulness with which he approached the understanding of human nature.

Lines from the book Garciana was dedicated to the men of the seventeenth century, who were trying to find a place warmer and to survive in a world where man — wolf, but each of his three hundred «commandments» applicable to the life of a modern metropolis dweller who is trying to succeed in hyperconcentration globalized economy and to develop his iron character.

This is a small book, reading will not take you much time, but definitely will benefit the gray matter in your head. We will now give a small quote from the book that killed its author, but has brought benefits to descendants.

1. Action secretly

Surprise is the key to success. From the game in the open — no gain, no joy. Not announcing their intentions, will excite interest, especially where the occasion gives rise to everyone’s expectations, intentions surrounding the mystery and the mystique of awe-inspiring. Even when they want to be understood, avoid frankness and don’t let all indiscriminately to penetrate into your soul. Silent restraint is the sanctuary of prudence. To announce the plan — means to destroy him.

2. You may need

Not a stone idol is doing, and who idol worships. Better to let you ask than thank you. Relying on a sneaky thanks to Rob noble hope: as the first forgetful, so the second retentive. Dependent useful helpful: having quenched his thirst, from the source turn, squeezed orange, drops of gold in the swamp.

The end of poverty — the end of friendship, and with it the service. Let it be your first rule of life — to support the need for you not to satisfy it completely, you may constantly need, even crowned cartridge.

3. The maturity of the person

Mature is not born, but, day in and day perfecting their identity, sophisticated in the business, attains the highest maturity, completeness, advantages and benefits — is the impact of refined taste, elegance of mind, solidity of judgment, in the perfection of desire.

Otherwise, fail to achieve completeness, they always lack something; others reach it later. Husband perfect, wise in speech, prudent in Affairs, always a sensible people, they crave fellowship with him.

4. To communicate with those from whom you can learn

Let it be your communication with friends, school knowledge, and the conversation exquisitely pleasant learning: look at friends as mentors and pripravili benefit by engaging in the conversation. Friendship reasonable mutually beneficial: who says that profit in the praise of the listener, and who listens to that mind arrives. But usually we forget about it, because vanity overshadows the benefit. Prudent attends good men, whose homes — the lists of valor, and not the abode of vanity.

5. Not start with excessive expectations

When anything not in moderation is praised, it often does not justify the hopes. Not really to keep up with the imagination, after all, to imagine the desired easy, to reach difficult. From the marriage of imagination with a desire born more than life allows. However great the achievements, it does not satisfy the spirit, and deceived excessive hopes, he will experience more of a disappointment than delight.

Hope mistress to counterfeit the truth; may the sobriety of her holding back, caring more useful than desired. First, to arouse interest, you need to give some credit, not laying, however, all cash. Let the reality exceed the expectations and give more than expected.

6. To lead your imagination

Where necessary, save it, and where and podstepki, because it is all our bliss; the very reason sometimes have it on occasion. She is a tyrant. Not content with dreams, interfere in the acts, governs life, makes it, on a whim, joyful or painful: it depends on us whether we satisfied or not.

Home hangman fools, one it continually draws the bitterness; others, encouraging reckless promises nothing but fun Yes, enjoyable entertainment. It can, if it is not harnesses high synderesis.

7. Do not chase to many, strive for the depth

The essence of greatness is not the quantity but the quality. Preference is always singular and rare; what is much that the price is small. Here and among people of giant growth — typically dwarfs the mind. Some people value books in volume, as if the books are written to exercise the arms and not the head.

Spreading only horizontally, not go beyond mediocrity. The trouble is people universal in that, wanting to know all, they really don’t know anything. Only the depth gives the superiority to be true, and in matters of the sublime and heroic.

8. To avoid accessibility

Especially in the taste. Oh, great was the sage, ogorchatsya when his creations were like a lot! General praise is contrary to reasonable. Like chameleons, feed on air, so some people revel in the adoration of the crowd, and rude her breath they like the sweet breath of Apollo. Also in understanding: don’t be surprised miracles, impressing or intimidating the ignorant crowd of stupid, to think clearly this is only slightly.

9. Know their main advantage: to develop the best of their abilities, not forgetting the others

One might in something to achieve great heights, if only to know its advantages. Define your major gift and put your zeal; one dominated by the mind, in others valor. The majority of people violate his nature and therefore do not reach perfection. Easy success flatters the passions, but time brings a belated disappointment.

10. To try your Luck to act to achieve

It is more important than to maintain equanimity of spirit. If stupid after forty to appeal to Hippocrates about health. silly to appeal to Seneca, about reason. Great art is to manage the fortune, her waiting (for it is necessary also to be able to wait), then catch up with, in order to overtake your case your turn, although the intent of this prejudice no one can comprehend.

Noticing that she supportive, go for it bravely; she favors the bold and, like beauty, is young. The loser is nothing to try — it is better to retreat, not without attracting a double misfortune, and who commands a fortune, courageously forward!

11. How people deep, so he is a person

Always and everywhere there has to be more than the outside. There are people with the same facade as the house unfinished due to lack of funds: at the entrance of the Palace, housing the shack.

At home here, do not hope to interpret with them about anything: after the greetings at the meeting cease out of the question. First, full of pleasantries, rides no worse than the Sicilian horses, Yes there is appeal to the undecideds — where there is no source of thoughts, words quickly exhausted. So it is easy to charm people, as they surface, but not those who looks deeper, and sees that their heads are like the wise fable, empty.

12. Never lose respect for yourself

Alone and not be in dispute with him. May your conscience is the measure of your innocence and the severity of his own sentence is more important than the opinions of others, don’t do inappropriate, without fear of judgment of the human, and his voice of reason. Learn to fear yourself, and you will not need them an imaginary preceptor of Seneca.

13. Never be annoyed

An important rule of prudence — do not get angry. Great composure speaks of a big heart — the soul of the great hard to budge. Passion — spirits of the spirit; their excess causes diseases of prudence, and if the disease enters through the mouth, in danger of good reputation. So, learn to control himself, so as neither in happiness nor in misery you were not convicted of incontinence, but marveled at the height of the spirit.

14. Decisive and judicious

Determination quickly decide that the judgment is considering a long time. Haste is the passion of fools; not seeing interference, they act without looking back. Reasonable, by contrast, often suffers from being slow: there are many who see heavy to lift. Due to the long fees often even a good idea turns to dust. Speed is the mother of success. Don’t put off until tomorrow, and you will do a lot. August motto — make haste slowly.

15. To be prudent brave

A dead lion even rabbits kicks. With valor not kidding: not solved, it will recede again, have to retreat a second time, all the way to the last: in the end you will be all the same obstacle that at the beginning, wouldn’t it be better to solve it immediately? The power of the spirit is superior to body strength; like a sword, hold it always ready in a sheath of prudence. It is a shield of the individual. Weakness of spirit is more harmful to the weakness of body.

A lot of people with remarkable qualities, but without the courage, like dead and slept in their own cowardice. Nature is not in vain combined in the bee sweet honey and painful sting. In our body there are veins and bones, this is not the same spirit soft.

16. Do not succumb to vulgar changeability of mood

Great is the one who is not subject to whims. Prudence teaches us to meditate about itself — to know its current condition and fix it, even set se6ya on the opposite, so between the real and the artificial to find the middle line of synderesis. To guide yourself, you must know yourself.

Are the monster of impermanence, every time they are in a different mood, and then change preferences; from vulgar inability to control themselves they always fall into opposite extremes. Such variability not only destroys the will, but also affects judgment, distorting and desires and understanding.

17. Self-knowledge

Know your temper, your mind, your judgments, preferences. While myself I do not know, it is impossible to rule themselves. Face is the mirror of the spirit — no; let there be a mirror sober thinking about ourselves. You can forget about your appearance but always remember interior view, in order to improve it, to improve. Check how you a solid understanding of how capable of activity, test your passion, measure the depth of the spirit, weigh ability.

18. Make friends

Friendship — the second Genesis. Everyone together its good and clever; and between friends all is forgotten. Man is worth so much, how many others will appreciate it, and the way their mouth is through the heart. There is no stronger spell for them than good service. The best way to build friendships is to show her.

Big and best part of what we are rich, depends on the other. Has to live among friends and enemies, and therefore each day get yourself an friend, if not closest, but located to you. Having stood the test, some of them will eventually become a true friend.

19. Look for faithful love

Even the Supreme first Cause the greatest in their business provides it, and prescribes. Through the feeling of love permeates the conviction. Sometimes, relying on your strengths, not seeking to conquer it, but prudence knows how long the path must pass to merit, if not to help favor.

All abuse, all bestow faithful love; rewards do not always dignity, she often imagines them — valor, nobility, scholarship, even the mind; the disadvantages of not seeing does not want to see. It usually creates a commonality of material life — fortune, status, relationship, birthplace, occupation. For spiritual community need a higher dignity, talent, commitment, reputation, and merit. All the complexity that such devotion to gain, to keep, it gets easier. You can find her and need to LEARN to use it.

20. Never complain

The complaint is always harmful; rather, it will inspire evil feelings, than to excite sympathy and compassion; she will point the way to another of the same offense, and the justification for the second the offender would be that he found out about the first. Other their complaints about past wrongs give rise to the future and hoping in the help or consolation, cause gloating and even contempt. Much wiser to vahvasti for the services of one to stump others; or to insist on the kindness of missing, in order to encourage her audience, as if giving the second bounty first.

A prudent man will not talk about their grievances, nor about the mistakes, but will not forget to mention flattering — that will save friends and hinder foes.

This dude knew a lot about life, perhaps that is why the Church was subjected to ruthless persecution. But we have the opportunity to reap the fruits of his wisdom, so go to the library or bookstore and pump their identity and world view, imbibing the science of sanity, painted on points.

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