The art of persuasion: simple, fast, effective

Work.kom.ua_13.08.2015_SQS3fjAVTpoGPPersuasion is an art that can improve any experience or relationship. You can sign up for dozens of workshops on psychology, but did not figure out how to convince than a person who sleeps on the other side of the bed. All because you don’t know the basic rules of persuasion.

1. Find a good treatment

People think about themselves in the morning, afternoon and evening – such are the egomaniac. Their minds are focused on what they want, not what you want. Therefore, it is necessary to know their whims, desires and fears. You need to be interested in what excites them. Call the person by name so how he likes it – learn it will help your powers of observation. Soon you will find a good combination that will perfectly coexist in the human psyche. Accordingly, the most successful treatment to a person you can use for your own purposes.

2. Spend a lot of time

The more you spend time communicating with the other person, the more he will trust you. Even if he disliked you, first – time works wonders.

3. Smile

You think people don’t like smiling people? The way it is, but sad love less. And if you say for the tenth time the same joke, and sitting next to the boy still laughing, for sure: he’s trying to ingratiate himself. No one likes accordions. You should just look happy when dealing with the person they want to influence.

4. Do not criticize

Sometimes it is necessary to remain silent and not to point out the obvious errors in the logic of the interlocutor. And critics, few likes, even if the criticism is helpful and justified. It helps writers, artists and composers to work on their mistakes, and politicians – not to stay in their seats, but otherwise it is perceived as the usual dissatisfaction with the arrogant jerk.

5. Praise the dude

Just compliment her on the beauty, coolness of the car and the atmosphere of the house, say something good about the work and skills of the interlocutor. The main thing is not to cross the line when a compliment turns into licking boots.

6. Listen and watch

Encourage the interlocutor to say more about yourself. So you get a lot of useful information, and give voice to the Homo sapiens. Try to work on your facial expressions, so people clearly understand that you are listening carefully, as indifferent nodding to the beat can create the impression that you’re immersed in some thoughts.

7. Tell the caller to say «Yes»

It doesn’t matter why. Let it be a picnic, a trip to the stadium to cheer for your favorite team, going to a bar – anything. Do it more often. This will develop a habit to agree with you on other issues. Of course, it is necessary to take into account the interests of others. What he will receive from what is agree? What your offer would be beneficial? Let him know that a positive decision will benefit first and foremost to him.

8. Make her feel important

It is quite difficult, especially if the person is – self-contained introvert. Here it is necessary to simulate a situation which must occur in public. This is the kind of performance that will require from you a little acting talent. It is no coincidence that the paragraph towards the end, because you have to know the person well, and only in this way you can all have a good plan. The goal is to give people their moments of fame. Whatever he was doing to do in life, you will be able to use it. The main thing – the result.

9. Give me something

Not necessarily material. Here a principle: «favor». And it’s important. When the mafia controlled a third of America adhering to this rule. And to some extent it was all fair enough. The psychological principle of reciprocity works great. After the transfer of the «gift» don’t forget to say: «I know you would have done the same for me.» People you have in your pocket.

10. Create an opportunity in which the other person will be able to Express themselves

Have you had to convince him that he is an expert or talent. You can use this. Tell some of your problem, fictional or real, and ask him if he had any such history. No need to ask for help, man himself will prove their knowledge and skills. First, of course, it will only throw some ideas, but you a pop of firewood into the fire through the questions and check the result. Eventually the other person would feel great and be happy that you asked him advice.


Perhaps you were unpleasant to read, especially if you are a man of «high moral principles». There’s a chance that you filthy from what must be a brownnoser, kiss ass dudes and be a liar. It is clear. Nevertheless, the probability of your success is how, being honest, you’ll be able to work productively with people and convince them of the correctness, and not so much of lies and deceit you gave them. But we must be realistic: some things are without lies not achieved, and the person, even a monk locked in a cell for dozens of years, still lying, not even noticing. In General, the choice is yours. Here it all depends on what lifestyle you prefer.

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