The art of giving orders

how to give instructionsIn our post about how to do everything, we said that one way to give orders. And we do not refuse the words. The fact is, the man giving orders is an art that requires leadership qualities, courage and perseverance, otherwise no your order will not execute. If you’re a Manager, you have your own business, you work somewhere in law enforcement agencies or just participate in a group project at University, the ability to give orders — what is the key to success.

The person who wants to hold all power and control, not really sure of himself and has no idea what it means to be a leader. The leader manages time, resources and people. The leader does not do everything himself, he gives the task and lead the group to success.

Why is it important to give instructions?

Orders free you time that no one can make except you. Many leaders think that only they are able to properly do something, and they want to participate in every stage of the case. They genuinely believe that the increased control over all gives the business a success, everything will be done according to their desire.

However, the leader must realize that he gives the team direction. He looks forward, heading, makes any necessary corrections and avoid unwanted turns. But not his job — to be immersed in details so he can’t see the full picture and miss the moment when it all goes down.

A good leader not a slave to detail, he uses his valuable time to do really important things. And that leads to the success of his and his subordinates.

Order raise the morale, confidence and productivity of subordinates. Boss, who is doing the work of their employees, they are constantly looking over your shoulder and sticks his nose into everything, very annoying. So people feel that they are leading them not sure. Those bosses who give their employees important tasks and the freedom to run it any method help them. In their organizations are innovation, their employees are satisfied and confident in their own abilities. It is very important that the leader showed his confidence.

Order to save time. So, we’ve talked about it. Instructions to help you concentrate on more important tasks, and generally give you more time.

Some don’t believe it. «Why should I spend all of my time to teach someone how to do things that I can do myself?» that’s what they ask. Yes, to teach someone — it’s always extra time, but it is also an investment in the future that will be repaid with interest.

The old adage that a man needs not a fish and fishing rod to catch it, is still relevant today. You can for 20 minutes a day to tell my mom how to use a computer, and in a month it will no longer bother you with requests to open a document or delete all from the stick. So you will save much more time. Or you could just spend three minutes each day to comply with her request, irritated and distracted from your own classes.

And what’s the point to be in charge and to tear your ass off the chair, climbing to the top of the mountain, then to do there different things?

How to give instructions effectively

Find the relevant people. The key to a successfully executed request, the person who executes it. It is better not to give the job to anyone, than to entrust the matter to the wrong person. Choose the best from his team, or his office, or the most advanced one in my family to have something to assign to them. They have to trust you as to myself. Find people with a creative approach, motivated to work, which don’t need you constantly standing over their soul and gave instructions.

Let’s order so that people took them gladly. When you give someone a task, a person can respond to this in two ways: either with a cycle of humility, pride. Make him proud, first, never poruci what you have to do yourself. You charge to not do the things that unpleasant to you personally and those that you do not have enough time. Never poruci to do things that you yourself would seem uninteresting.

When you give the assignment, tell the person why you chose him: his practical talents and abilities which are applicable in this project. Compliments all the pleasant people at the same time we feel needed, and it motivates him.

In addition, you should not have a favorites and assign them the most important and enjoyable. It’s not only your personal likes. It divides the team. Any just.

Set the standards. Leaders who complain that their subordinates are unable to cope with the tasks, often themselves to blame. They just do not give people comprehensive instructions, did not explain what they expect. These leaders do not know what you want, and then get angry that the staff somehow got the job done. They know what they don’t like, but can’t say what I want. Stupid hell. In General, man, people need to understand what you expect from them.

Let subordinates carry out tasks as you want. As soon as you were instructed, you thereby showed his trust and confidence that people will do it. There is no need to approach him and check the progress: it will dissuade people in your confidence and reduce their productivity, discourage any creative ideas and will dispel the confidence of success. Give the man space so he can carry out the necessary work, and remember: they know what the goal is, but you can go to her own way and doing everything wrong, as if you did. Let them do things at their own discretion.

Be in the know. To give freedom of action does not mean you never check the work. Periodically ask the person is doing — and it is not necessary to pry into the details. Ask, people don’t have to you questions and problems you could solve.

Praise for success. When you are asking others to take responsibility, you’re blaming them not only the responsibility for failure, but success with the successful outcome of cases. If the project proves successful, the leader praises and publicly recognize the merit of others. He treats subordinates as partners, listening to their opinion and respects their ideas. A good leader understands that people below the rank often sees a state of Affairs better and can give good advice on how to perform a particular task.

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