The art of dirty talk

manygoodtips.com_10.03.2015_WyA5Xui6WkGmoIf you don’t know how to do it, dirty words, spoken suddenly in bed, unable to scare, surprise or offend your unprepared friend. Say some vulgarity at the wrong time and her mood will deteriorate, as in the thirty-three girls, given the ancient ritual of the Aztecs. But risk – a noble cause! And if you do it right, your sex will be hotter than hell’s Inferno. That’s why we’ve put together a short guide to dirty talk that will help you to understand this fine art and ask pepper to your intimate relationships. Read it and you’re welcome.

1. What to say

First, no matter what you say, the important thing is how and when you say it. No need to write out the dialogue from porn films, and then to rehearse the speech in front of a mirror. Much more important, and cooler, if you’re going to say what’s on your mind so that it is comfortable for all. In the end, until he created a uniform international dictionary «Call me a bitch» that provides a universal phrase of the workpiece, so focus on your stream of consciousness, filtering it, adjusting to the situation. In General, the theory is good, but how about the practice, our unlucky friend? Where do we start… First in the list are:


The easiest way to start a dirty conversation to voice what you want to do with it, well, what it has to do with you. There is no need to wrestle with the creative approach and come up with a dick haiku. You just give the command, for example: «I want your mouth was near my cock» or «Stand by the window. I want to fuck you there.»


Dude, if your girlfriend has an amazing ass, she has mastered the technique of deep Blowjob, do not be stingy with compliments. Your passion and excitement caused by the girl, will affect her, like a red rag to a bull. In a good way, of course. Plus it’s a great start for the beginning and development of the erotic dialogues or monologues, for example: «Your beautiful legs looks perfect on my shoulders» or «you’re so hot and good.»


Not these, where every five minutes you’re breathing in her ear, «You okay?» We need specifics, which allows to improve the quality of sex and to open new horizons of pleasure. If you included the third speed, take an interest, not too tough for her. Although, if her reaction to your actions is obvious, talking incessantly not necessarily. Erotic conversations are intended to strengthen the desire, therefore, do not confuse warm with soft and try to learn passion, anatomy and habits of his girlfriend before you begin practicing the technique of dirty talk. By the way, about the technique. Politely ask: «Want me to watch you while you suck my dick?» or «do You like how I move my tongue on your Clit?»


Good old fantasy, voiced aloud, is a proven and reliable way to pour soup into the fire. No matter how long you’ve known your friend in one case you provided a closer acquaintance, the other a new round in the usual ways.

Example: «I’ve thought so much about this photo that you sent me today»; «I want to tie you up»; «I can’t stop thinking about how you looked really good in latex», etc.

Erotic literature

On the pages of such a fiction everything has already been said for you, you will only have to reproduce the image and the images in his mind and draw inspiration for future independent experiments. Don’t worry, we have prepared for you a list of summer reading.


It’s a pretty slippery slope, so it is important to check with your girlfriend how she would feel if in a moment of passion you call her a «dirty slut» (slut – Yes; an actual whore or slut). Each such an insult you need to carefully consider in advance, otherwise, they will hurt you. Not in the sense which is now in question. Be sure that words like «Idiot», «fat bitch», «poor schmuck» will be the last words you say to her.

2. How to say it

Modulation of voice

You can start with a sensual whisper, you can even protonate, if you believe that you won’t look pathetic. If you choose a tactic command, then, of course, your voice should be heard strongly and powerfully. Try to lower it half a tone lower than usual, but do not overdo it with such Dzhigurda. Everything should be in moderation.

Emphasize certain words

Key words are the main tool of any communication, because if she didn’t hear, didn’t remember being in love fever, please don’t hesitate to repeat it, focusing on key issues, such as: «Fuck me harder. Did you hear me? Fuck harder.»

Eyes and ears

Speaking of dirty, look in the eyes or water lips behind his ear, saying them. Great. Had a nice talk.


Such a practice presupposes a mutual trust. I agree, if you start to blame to mumble something under his breath: «Suck my dick», – you just want to hug and comfort him. Wishful thinking, so much so that Stanislavsky himself was proud of you! Look her in the eye, speak confidently, do not pass and not red. Are you fully aware of the situation and girlfriend. Realize, accept and loudly demands that you suck, as it should!

3. When speaking

It’s the least important part of our instructions, because it depends entirely on what you’re doing. The only important rule: you are allowed to say dirty words when she is really good and it is quite «hot». By the way, to break it you also can use such phrases, spoken in a lighter flow. But again, it all depends on how you know your girlfriend. And if it’s your first kiss on the second date, even the hottest is not worth it to whisper, in what positions do you dream to fuck her. It is much better to tell her that you have refused the lower limbs and dizzy – so well she kisses. At the first stage this will be enough.

4. Don’t do it!

In the preceding paragraphs of the article improvisation is welcome. But, dude, forget about…

1. To contact her or your genitals as «her» or «him.» Get used to calling a spade a spade.

2. Swearing all the time. It’s not a theatrical monologue in the play where you were on the first roles. Just shut up, because silence will make your future words is much more powerful and catchy.

3. Describe what you’re doing. «Oh my God, I lick your Tits!», «Wait, now I’ll put you… yet…» Curtain.

4. Don’t exaggerate dignity of the girl. If she tells you that the ten sticks outgrowth «such a huge» will you take it for ridicule. The same situation with her chest.

5. Say what you want to do something from it… and not to do.

In General, dude, just practice, tact and powers of observation will allow you to fully master the art of dirty words.

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