The art of communication: 5 questions not to ask

manygoodtips.com_9.06.2015_MHH8PfU63qLAXImagine the situation. You meet an old friend and with him making small talk. Well, you know, a simple conversation about anything. About life, news and work. And you ask him a question, which, unexpectedly for you, generates inappropriate silence. You feel like a fool. After returning home and composing my thoughts, you ask yourself: «what’s the matter, what have I done wrong?» Perhaps our text will help to understand this issue and you can avoid awkward silences in conversation. Meet the five most inappropriate questions, which it is better not to put.

1. You went there for pleasure?

Your friend told you that was absent last week because I went to Sochi. To which you replied: «Now it’s full of people. You went to rest?» It turned out that his grandfather died, and made you feel uncomfortable, so.

You can imagine a different situation, one in which the interviewee recalls some journey, and you say, «Cool, man! This is amazing, I was there recently.» A man meets you that there was going to a re-diagnosis of cancer of his wife.

So don’t be too emotional in this regard and just ask: «Why go?»

2. When are you going to have kids?

Oh, surely you have encountered such! And it can really annoy people. In General, it may seem that the question was harmless enough, but it’s not. Think about what the couple this question may have already been trying to have children, but they can not. And you just once again remind them about their trouble. Maybe they weren’t supposed to have more kids or don’t want them to have. So, people who don’t consider children to be the meaning of existence will eventually be more, so I did not this issue at least because it’s a private matter. And not everyone can answer it.

3. It’s your sister/mother/wife?

You might think that understood the essence of the relationship between two people, but you can also be wrong. For example, ask: «And your mother?» A man will tell you that it was his wife or girlfriend. Not cool. Such incidents occur constantly, and if you want to know who is this man, is simply to ask: «And who is this lovely lady that I was lucky to meet?»

4. How long have you been Dating?

This question may be the same question that flies out of your mouth accidentally, unknowingly. You see your friend and the girl that goes along with it (or Vice versa) – why not ask? But you have to understand that they may not be together at all, or at least not officially meet. Not only that, your question will evoke a sense of discomfort, but it can also cause a vague answer, which is able to upset one of the moons.

The better question is: «How long have you known each other?», – without a hint of sex.

5. Are you pregnant?

Finally the worst thing possible to say out loud. Stay away from him, man! The stomach can be confusing, and if you make a mistake, it will hurt the feelings of the girl. So be careful!

As you can see, the main reason for our mistakes is that we never know the exact state of Affairs and put your questions based on assumptions, not facts. So you need to use the polite counterparts of these questions or not ask them at all, not to confuse people.

Be considerate and communicate like a gentleman, dude!

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