The art of choosing a film… before sex

I think many have noticed that not every viewing of the film leads to intimacy. Some films suck from us every conceivable emotional power, some things we just want to go to sleep, or mentally to talk. Also good, but what about sex? Is not a large part of Hollywood movies are not created in order to give the boy access girl? Cinema, after all, one of the most popular places for evening rendezvous.

But if the movie leads to sex, then what? It is unlikely that someone will want to test a new pose after watching «the Trial of God» (war drama about the Holocaust) or Hotel Rwanda» (drama about the genocide of the Tutsi people). In General, the head on your shoulders, you have to have. In addition, we published a list of practical tips that will help you in the marriage game.

1. Good soundtrack

Choose what it has in its Arsenal to good music. Remember the musicals – even now there are plenty of decent movies in that regard. Worn to holes «Moulin Rouge», in our opinion, will be a great choice. But films with heavy R&B sound try, the quality always tends to zero.

2. Heavy movies

Try no genocides, mass shootings, cancer, rape and other horrors, unless, of course, counting on sex. Political dramas and historical films save for thoughtful viewing next weekend, and today you should find something plain. Less psychological stress, more ease and joy. You do not need, for example, the «Evening Express «sunset limited with Samuel L. Jackson and Tommy Lee Jones, although the film is smart, especially if you or your friend is vulnerable because of feelings of guilt to get rid not so easy, and the mood is lost.

3. No need trash and bloody horror

Always used to think that horror is the best genre for sex, because the genre itself is inherently inward looking, often sexual side of man. At least take the bloody thrillers of the 80-ies: they’re all built on sex. However, experience tells me that not every girl may want you reach after a series of brutal and bizarre scenes. If you’re not a serial killer, it would be quite difficult to reach climax in the time when you’re watching someone gutting. Well, if you’re a serial killer, then maybe it’s time to stop?

In most thrillers and horror movies is not bad, just take not overkill, but something lighter like a typical youth horror film of the 90s.

4. Mediocre Comedy great, a good Comedy – not very

Anyway, choose a Comedy that you watched thousands of times, which perhaps are not so funny. Sexual process is very easy to negate, if one of its members explode with laughter, and then… then the sex part. And absurd things should look, seem only in order to laugh. Hardly a «Plan 9 from outer space», which was directed by ed wood, is a great choice for you and your friend. But damn famous «meet the parents» is a good choice. I don’t think it’s your favorite movie, but he is good-natured and will not distract. Funny, nothing more.

5. Watch retro movies

If they handle it poorly, it is better for them to score. You’ll never guess what you get when you start watching the movie 60 years ago. And the fact that they can be to us incomprehensible, mad boring, but can come across interesting things. Classics, by definition, a bad can not be. But the sentimentality of those years is now seen as vulgarity and bad taste. However, if you’re a fan of all this, then why not try?

6. Full-length films

I do not advise to choose the films that are three hours. Get tired of them, and the few good films of this timing is that some of the epic from which the blood run cold. Most often, the movies are long just because the Director lacks the talent to reduce unnecessary episodes and regret of the audience. Of course, there are exceptions, but they prove the rule. It’s like «Titanic» look like a classic, kind and romantic. But sex for this movie problematic, will you still not immediately, but towards the end – will see thousands of passengers drowning, begging for help.

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