The ancient sport, which would you erase in a powder

«There had been better before the sport was cleaner, and athletes fought for their honor and country, not for the money» — love to grumble many inhabitants of the Solar System. So it is true, but what do you mean by «sooner»? Want, we will tell you about the times when they stupidly fought for their lives? Such were the sports of Amateur and lethal. Clearly, if in our days fighting for life and not for the prize money, the disappointment we would have significantly less.

Pitz or Ulam

You say that football was invented by the British. In this form, which we know today, it is, of course, the British came up with: offsides, corners and other strange for your mom terminology. But in ancient China kicked the ball to each other. Yes there is China isolated American Indians for centuries, namely, the Aztecs threw the ball through the ring in the wall. If now in Mexico are crazy about football, imagine how the screaming Indians some 700 years ago.

The game was called «Pitz», but in some variants it is called the Mesoamerican ball game. By and large it was more like basketball or volleyball, but the exact rules, still nobody knows. That showed us long ago in the wonderful movie «the Road to El Dorado» — a free improvisation on the theme. All we know about the sports equipment consists of a stone circle in the wall that you had to shoot the ball, and the heavy 4-pound ball made of rubber. Probably points were counted for the attack of the walls of the enemy and shot, if the ball touched the ground more than two times. The coolest was the one who would be able to shoot the ball in the same lunch. After this match, as Quidditch is, after capture of a Snitch, was declared complete.

Winners were surprised with a meal and honor, and the loser, on the harsh laws of the jungle, sent in ritual consumption. That is why many believe that the game was conducted only on big holidays, but on what principle were the chosen victims — no one knows. But apparently the gods were not particularly happy, once the Empire went downhill a few hundred toothless, sick with scurvy and smallpox criminals from Spain.

In the Pitz play today, just call the game «Ulam» and victims do not bring.

Persecution of elephants in the arena

The Romans were great masters in terms of entertainment. And it is logical that improved the Empire of blood, whose founders killed each other at the walls of his city, loved the game fatal. Here is one example.

This game was played in 54 B. E. in the walls of the Eternal City. Crowds attended the slaves were kneeling in front of a monster overseas, known as the Animal from Carthage, and began to annoy him. In the world this is the animal known under the name of a North African elephant. When it is logical to scream: «Where are you going, he will kill you», but the bloodthirsty crowd only customized accident at the giant creature.

A chance to survive (the slave, not the elephant) was equal to 2%. Although the interest we maybe went too far: how do the slaves know about the interest… As if there was not, it was the deadliest gladiatorial game, because watering an elephant, even a well-equipped and armed group on the battlefield hard, and then the crowd of sickly slaves. The Romans were very fond of this amusement, he loved to look at mincing among the gigantic paws of the slaves, he loved to listen to the sounds of crunchy skulls and the result is almost completely negated once numerous creatures. Elephants, of course, slaves had no problems.

Pulling skins

Dense but the Vikings were ESN more stringent than the overly cultural, the Romans. Games they had, perhaps, not as spectacular, certainly very, very, very, very male. For example, they have perfected the ancient one fun — tug of war. Now pull the ropes bored, just trying to fill up the opponent team, and before they were dragged through various obstacles: ponds, swamps, ditches. But the Vikings didn’t bring much joy, and Torah Turom was bored to look at it. And rope wasn’t in them — all that was woven, was on the ships. But it was a lot of the skins of wild beasts, innate aggression, and they could dig holes, fill them with fire and pull them through the ill-fated skin. Of course, that scorched the Vikings were commonplace, and anyone in those days, burn center, there were queues. But instead of harsh lotions, compresses and again in the battle.

Tournament fishermen

In ancient Egypt, too, liked to entertain, but in its own way. Animals they, unlike the colleagues in the antiquities of Rome, cherished and otherwise fed, and therefore entertained from the comfort of the river-nurse.

The game was primitively outrageously: 8 desperate guys came by in a fishing boat and sailed on the Nile. Then they began to fight right in the middle of the river. The battle was very fierce: they were beaten with paddles, sticks, threw each other overboard, inflicted severe injuries. The noise and the smell of blood attracted the main inhabitants of the river — mischievous hippos and crocodiles inspired. Sometimes the Hippo overturned the boat, and if not overturned, the fishermen had so many did not know how to swim, ironically.


And what about the ancient Greeks? And they, despite his lofty and inspired, a special charity also did not differ. Needless to say that in the early Olympic games, the mortality was strikingly high? And not only because of the lack of safety measures for the sport were much more violent.

In parallel with the creation of Western civilization, the Greeks invented one sport that makes even a MMA fighter sweaty palms. In fact, we present to your attention one of the Olympic disciplines. It is called pankration and it was MMA with a complete lack of rules and time. The aim of the game is to take control of the opponent and to force him to surrender. Applied in parallel strokes, seizures, gripping and other methods, forced the opponent to beg for mercy.By the way, interesting point: if one of the contestants fell in battle, he enjoyed great honor and respect than the winner. After all, he did not give up and continued to fight until the end. It is in the spirit of ancient Greece. As well as the fact that both fighters were naked. Try to fight with his friend naked, and see how it will react to your body.

The beach

If the sea battle is not played on a piece of paper with namesceni ships, and somewhere in the Coliseum and in the middle of the flooded circus floundered real ships, it would be much more interesting. Unfortunately, we are prohibited by law to kill people. Even the bad ones. Even the enemies of the Empire.

Everything happened fairly simple — in the flooded amphitheatre to create a real battle with the corpses, shouting and boarding. It’s called «the beach», which translated means «military action with the use of naval forces.» The number of participants reached several thousand, and everything happened almost the same way as in a real fight. That is a very simple and primitive, except for the costs and resources for such entertainment.

To find a few thousand men, ready to fight on these ships wasn’t easy, so many of them were probably slaves, as in the case of Gladiator fights… And, in General, it is unclear why the establishment of such a spectacle, given the number of ancient wars. You could sell tickets to the battle. But apparently, the audience demanded more blood.

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