The advice plankton

It was a bribe.field.ua_11.06.2014_k3WBr7LsBaQt7Life of office plankton is heavy and dangerous. The joke, of course. Threat it would call, and many difficulties in the office can be avoided if you know how to organize your workflow.

1. Create email templates and documents

Check your email for the last month or two in order to determine which tiles and in which form you most often write. For example, you often offer advertising, request contact information or certain documents. Do not be lazy to work once in order to relieve himself of the office life in the future — write the standard form for each type of communication.

2. Set up the filters and folders in your mailbox

Automating the process of sorting emails will save you from unnecessary hassle and the need to read everything that comes to your mailbox.

3. Reduce the number of clicks

Keep all the sites as bookmarks, create shortcuts to programs on the desktop, choose a few most relevant to you contact and set the mood for them a speed dial key your mobile phone. In short, make it so that the device with which you work, functioned even faster.

4. Put documents in folders of different colors

And in any case don’t leave the paper just so. One thrown the piece immediately attracts the second followed by the third and fourth. The so-called «broken Windows theory» works in relation to office paper. When these orphan documents accumulated enough to cover a large portion of your Desk, you will inevitably have to sort through all this magnificence, and then you will spend a lot of time and effort, separating the wheat from the chaff.

5. All the essential close at hand

Put it in the drawers of the office Desk of all those little things that you use constantly, as well as those that are rare, but can be useful. Wipes to clean the monitor, wipe, something delicious, a pack of aspirin and many other things that you often go begging in the next section. You’ll see work, having everything at hand, much more comfortable.

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