The adventures of a drug in the UN

Recently Richard Branson, the head of the steep conglomerate of companies under the name Virgin, startled the world a very big news. The eccentric billionaire who built his business on three commandments of rock ‘ n ‘ roll, said that in his hand was the report of the UN office on drugs and crime. The report made clear that the fight against drugs has led to new complications with the drug mafia that it is time to change the old, ossified policies in this plan, which objectively does not work. Quoted old Branson, who, in turn, cites the dudes from the UN: «Criminalization is harmful, unnecessary and disproportionate.»

The draft decriminalization of drugs was classified, and we have no idea how it got into the hands of Branson. And if he was? Maybe it’s just part of the eternal struggle, where nacholibre such as Branson, is unlikely to achieve any major victories in the global plan without such tricks.

Who to sympathize with, you decide, well, we know the position of billionaire. He was for many years part of a number of influential people who are fighting for freedom be into what is possible. The position is clear: «If you’re an adult, then what the hell is your point, than to stuff yourself, and what not?» or «If alcohol is sold, why not sell the grass, which, according to some scientists, much less harmful from the standpoint of health?» However, every doctor, biologist, chemist (select, now you can even theologian) is ready to share his original opinion on this matter.

Drugs are bad, OK?

– Mr. Mackey –But their voice is growing in the US, strikes us, because the country is a little more than half contained very conservative people, however, know how to respect other people’s «unacceptable» opinion. Probably, for this reason those guys nobody jail. Besides, they have already made significant progress. Would have passed this theme we have? I don’t think. In the States, meanwhile, freely sell marijuana to adults. Add to Washington, Oregon, Alaska and Colorado 11 more States ready to legalize drugs in the near future – a Paradise for narcotourist of all stripes, and now the UN, and the Branson. It’s time to gash his own psychedelic group and feel the violence of the 60s-70s, which we never had.

«Generation of swine» (worst term hunter Thompson) can argue that this whole legalization of herb, all these statements of Branson and all of these UN reports, nothing but the desire to legally stop bottomless financial flows. And it’s hard not to agree, you should never ignore the factor of human greed. On the other hand, if we earn unscrupulous Internet providers who supply low-quality Internet, and instead of cheese in the shops we buy some frozen mayonnaise for much more money than before, about all you can say? Isn’t that a crime? So, ban the Internet and cheese? Ah, Yes. Forgot to ban cheese…

The drug war has done too much evil, too many people.

– Richard Branson –And now for the bad, or, as some would say, good. There is such a thing in the UN, as a «right of veto». They have only five permanent members of the UN Security Council: Britain, China, Russia, USA and France. So, even if all countries of the world, including North Korea and ISIS, will vote for the adoption of the resolution on the legalization of drugs, the veto of only one country among the five permanent members of the security Council canceled this project. Guess what does the Russian or Chinese governments on this issue? Former suppliers of opium at all, probably shot on the spot dealers. And our country’s position regarding the decriminalization of drugs you could draw the picture that would be such a monkey, which put earplugs in eyes and ears. No dialogue, no constructive.

There are in the world questions that people are not able to solve by using their brains. It is just necessary to accept. And such controversial issues arise more and more. For example: how to relate to the caricatures of Mohammed? Gay marriage is good or bad? Prostitution – is it good or bad?

Too many things on which we apply your crushed in the trash ethical filter. Too much ideology and morality, which makes us, humanity, to solve the simplest questions.

One thing we are certain of this much: some prohibitions give rise to other prohibitions, and if there are people who want to fundamentally change this system, we would not be opposed. In addition, the system, as it seems, more and more faltering.

Still, don’t trade, man, grass, and then sit in the colony more than if we drank the entire budget of a Ministry or killed someone.

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