The achiever: how to identify himself dependent on caffeine?

manygoodtips.com_16.06.2014_iJoHsvgCJJphICoffee healthy drink as it does not look. In any case, it’s not alcohol or cocaine to fear of dependence on him. However, to be dependent on anything — not the best fate for a human. We think that a break-up of coffee — contrived nonsense, but it is worth remembering that these beans contain a huge amount of alkaloids, such as caffeine and theobromine, it becomes clear that Coffeemania is no different from alcoholism. Of course, coffee is more useful than a beer after a hard day, but that doesn’t mean that to consume coffee in large quantity are the norm. Although a coffee lover to be a good one banal reason: they are less likely to suffer from constipation.

Studies in recent years prove conclusively that moderate consumption of caffeinated beverages (tea, coffee, Yerba mate, energy) — is very good for health, whereas excessive coffee drinking is affected by the strictly negative effect on the body. How to understand that you have a dependence on caffeine?

1. You’re immune to caffeine

When we were kids and didn’t understand why adults are so crazy about this black smelly stuff. It’s true that with age tastes change, and now that we are coffee crazy. Coffee dependence, we have secured University or a harsh work where you have to plow all night. Strong coffee helped when doing the course three days before the date, and the diploma from scratch in one week. Caffeine then invigorated to such a state that the part you resembled owl eyes-headlights in the brain and you do have a nail sitting.

If you drink coffee at night and can’t sleep, you’re all right, but if drinking large amounts of coffee or caffeinated beverages do not affect the quality of your sleep, you have a dependence on coffee. Some coffee lovers claim that a breath of crisp black mixture at night helps them sleep, some to fall asleep without it generally can not.

2. Do you think about coffee

In the morning you Wake up, and not himself, if you do not drink coffee. At work you can’t work until you drink coffee. In the middle of the day to run to the nearest café and grab a coffee to go, so I can finalize the rest of the work. But in the evening you come home, turn on the coffee maker or put Turku on the stove, and then cook some coffee to sit at the computer before bedtime. Here you Coffeemania.

3. When you need to do something, you go for coffee

Boredom and the need to wait — things of which all cope in different ways. If dependent on the Internet, gets your device, dependent on coffee looking for the nearest coffee machine.

4. You spend on coffee really a lot of money

If someone may seem to be 800 rubles a month for a package of ground coffee for the house and 300 rubles each day for the purchase of coffee to go is a lot that you think so too, but for you it is absolutely normal costs, which are very difficult to refuse. Honestly, I don’t see the point in waiving these costs.

5. Oral fixation

If you have a tendency eat a lot during stress, it will gradually recede into the background, if you are a coffee lover. This is a definite plus coffee and is a lot less high-calorie drink compared to beer. Coffeemania also can get rid of bad habits biting my nails or a pen cap.

6. Sometimes you’re holding your hand like in hand you have a Cup of coffee

A strong enough indicator to keep track of a difficult, but you try.

7. You have an emotional connection with coffee

In Coffeemania (if they do, what they drink coffee) have favorite places in the city where they hang out and tasting the coffee. Some of these places for ordinary people are beyond understanding, because there does not serve any special desserts and food, but ways to cook beans are simply fill up. When in one place you order coffee, you find waiting for the moment when the Barista finished cast and will give you a drink. The appearance on the counter the vessels, especially brewed coffee for you saw a real triumph. You understand very well how a wave of joy passes through your whole body.

8. You know in many of these cafes

Do you know the name of the Barista at your favorite places, and they get to know you. Once you even had a long discussion with some hipster about the merits of Brazilian coffee in comparison with coffee from Yemen. Nobody knows special coffee pub in your town with your friends, but you’re a frequent visitor there.

9. If you missed your morning coffee, you risk to suffer from a serious migraine all day

Perhaps the biggest and most obvious sign of your addiction is the body’s response to lack of dose painful way. If the coffee lover missed a Cup in the morning before 12 o’clock he will begin a terrible headache. The only cure for it… coffee.

10. You have yellowish teeth

With a light brown tint. This disease suffer also huge tea drinkers. Unfortunately, tea and coffee will make any white smile… a little less white. If you go to the mirror and in good light to evaluate the appearance of the teeth of an avid coffee lover, it is sure to be far from the white porcelain Shine.

11. Not quite fresh breath

Jarmuschewski the combination of «coffee and cigarettes» will lead you to even more unpleasant smell (especially in the morning) than just coffee. Sourish smell not so unpleasant aroma when compared with the smell of rotten teeth or rotten, clearly alludes to intestinal problems, but it can definitely determine how much you like to booze… coffee.

12. Someone has already noticed your dubious trend

You know, if you give the common man a hefty bag of expensive coffee, weighing 300 grams, he’d take it for a few months. Sometimes even in six months. But if we give this a huge coffee lover package, you drink it for a few weeks and won’t think that it’s not normal. Between the coffee lover and the coffee lover there is a huge difference, which is called dependence. If someone told you that you drink too much caffeine, this is something to ponder.

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