The 9 best old school exercises for the whole story

manygoodtips.com_5.08.2015_ZywzRHrynK5HsWant to become bigger and stronger? Then your «old school», which spawned a lot of athletes over my time. Add to my training exercises, which appeared in the times when you were not yet conceived.

1. Pullups

But not simple, but with a wide grip. A fantastic exercise that will allow good to pump up the back, especially its upper and lower parts. When tightening the head is actively involved a group of muscles in the scapula area. The wider the grip, the more tense the back muscles. No need to slouch, the shoulder blades have to be reduced, the head should not lean forward. If you still hump, then start with pullups to the chest.

2. Pull the T-rod to the chin

Old bodybuilders believed that the rise of the T-rod to the chin is a very cool test for your muscles. And really, I must say, effective if you do it correctly. Legs should be put shoulder width apart and then grab a T-shaped neck grip on top. Back must be straight, but the legs slightly bent at the knees. Take a breath and pull the neck to the chin; when you touch, make an exhalation and slowly lower it.

3. Lifting dumbbells with one hand in the slope

manygoodtips.com_5.08.2015_n78jIKSEsVFZVIt’s simple: lean with one hand on the bench, the second take a dumbbell and start lifting it. Develops the latissimus dorsi and trapezius muscles and biceps. The main thing here is to initial force was powerful, and rising operating leverage, should not give the opposite. The back should be stationary. If you can’t raise the elbow above the shoulder, take weight less. Generally, the dumbbell stretches, the force of the muscles of the back and shoulders.

4. Pushups

Well, this is everyone knows better push UPS no one came up with nothing. Push UPS are the largest builders of the chest muscles for beginners. Also the development is in the shoulders, triceps and some secondary muscles.

5. The extension arms with dumbbells lying

You need to lie on a horizontal bench. This exercise for triceps is considered to be very effective. So, lying on a horizontal bench, you should lift the dumbbells so that your hands become upright, then again to lower them behind your head, gradually returning the hand to its original, folded state. Of course, there is also need to breathe correctly: inhale when beginning the exercise and exhale when we finish.

6. Thrust block for a head down

Sit on a bench and grab the neck of the upper block wide grip at the top. Take a breath, and then pull the neck down over the neck, simultaneously summing up the elbows to the body. After the movement of the exhale. In fact, this exercise in some extent simulates pull-UPS. The coaches recommend this activity primarily for young athletes or bodybuilders to gain muscle mass you need.

7. French press

manygoodtips.com_5.08.2015_W32NylUjCc5APHere again, you have to lie down on the bench and take the barbell narrow grip bottom, straight hands with a barbell in front of chest. It is necessary that the distance between the hands was more narrow, but between the elbows is wider. But it is too hard to push the elbows is not necessary, otherwise just not be able to lower the barbell behind your head. The elbows should not move during the movement. Feet should be firmly placed on the ground. Don’t forget the breaths.

8. Sissy-squats

Fun is the name of the exercise for developing the lower part of the quadriceps of the thigh. The name is derived from the name of Sisyphus, that guy who was punished by Greek gods and who was forced forever to carry the mountain, a huge stone that always rolled down. To perform the exercise, you need to put your feet out about 45 cm, rise on socks and fall into a squat, while leaning back as much as possible. Easy? And get yourself some cargo on his chest and try to do it again.

9. Roller rest

Exercise with roller for wrist perfectly develops the deltoid muscles. Most importantly, everything is done correctly, with knowledge of the matter. Stand up straight holding the roller grip down. Feet shoulder width apart. Slowly raise your arms up until they are fully rectified and will not be parallel to the floor. The body should be motionless. Well, after spin and slide your brush stamp roller in such a manner that the load began to rise. And then put the cargo back, rotating the brush in the opposite direction.

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