The 8 most gorgeous couple for the bar or in a big company

Bet — it’s a man thing. To take «on the weak» as something a bit childish and unworthy, but if you call this procedure a couple, all will become aristocratic and noble. We all love a pair, especially if we win. Today we will tell you about eight of the most gorgeous guys that will help you to surprise everyone and cheer at the bar or in a big company.

1. The Smoking fingers

Most likely, if you tell someone that for 500 rubles to RUB your fingers to the point that they start to smoke, the majority will think you are crazy and will happily agree to the bet. And for good reason.

2. Turn whiskey into water

Go out of the way of Jesus and turn whiskey into water. Well, almost on the way of Jesus. Show dark people some science.

3. Coin, bottle and toothpicks

Bet is to get the coin into the bottle without having to blow on it, shake table, move hands toothpicks and everything else. I think that this is impossible? You’re wrong.

4. Repeat after me

Very interesting debate for a good friend. And a wonderful draw. Just tell him what he never can repeat what you do.

Magic Boy & Blokely bar bet from | Founder Blokely on Vimeo.

5. Three pints, three shots

Very old argument and drawing the other at the same time. Tell your friend that you will drink three pints of beer faster than he tossed three piles. But the agreement not to touch the glasses and glasses of the enemy.

6. Lighter under the bottle

Lighter under the bottle is set upside down, and you assure everyone around you that can get it so that the bottle continued to remain in that position. And the dude in the video will show you how to do this in many ways.

7. Coin trapped

For this trick you will need a small box of matches, a lighter and a coin. The coin need to release from captivity of matches, so that match did not fall, and so that you of matches is not affected. However, the solution of the riddle is very thin, and the man with whom you argued, not even offended.

8. Jumping toothpick

The point is that you argue that if you string together two toothpicks, one of them will magically jump. Nonsense? But this bro does not think so.

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