The 7 most deadly corporations

If these corporations were not corporations as people, then they would already condemned and imposed the harsh sentence. Instead, they continue to rake in the big bucks. Human rights violations, murders, wars, environmental disasters and exploitation of animals do not prevent these companies to make their billions.

Chevron, 7.08.2013, uCkRrRXgVm6INsOWJln0YwluFKwoHCPo

A few large oil companies can safely make this list, but Chevron deserves a special place in hell. From 1972 to 1993, Chevron dumped 18 billion gallons of toxic water, pouring it into the rain forest of Ecuador. It left without a livelihood for local farmers and poisoned the local population. Chevron is also responsible for the widespread environmental pollution in the United States: in 1998, in Richmond, California sued for illegal bypassing of wastewater, polluting the local water supply, the same in new Hampshire in 2003. Chevron was responsible for the death of several Nigerians who protested against her antiecological action. Chevron paid the local militia, known for its human rights violations to suppress the protests, and even supplied them with choppers and boats. The armed forces opened fire at protesters, then burned their villages to the ground.

The Company De Beers, 7.08.2013, ddWnyZH42Gm8PWD2HXOrg2yj8L0PNUdy

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend if she didn’t live in côte d’ivoire. «Blood» or «conflict diamonds» — that’s how it should be called the minerals purchased in the rebellious and war-torn countries. Until 2000, when the UN finally spoke out against the practice, DeBeers was knowingly funding the violent movements in Angola, Sierra Nevada, and the Congo. In Botswana De Beers has been accused of «cleansing» the land, which mined diamonds — including the forcible eviction of indigenous peoples who have lived there for thousands of years.

Tyson is the world’s largest meat producer, 7.08.2013, d62rhRGaqLy0qd405goB3hWZLITZzb64

Even if you don’t care about cruelty to animals, which was recorded in large farms of Tyson, you have to shudder at the terrible environmental abuses Tyson and violations of workers ‘ rights, as well as from the fact that on several occasions, Tyson has allowed to deliver in the sale of spoiled beef. Chickens Tyson was in the most part infected with Salmonella, and it also did not prevent the company to remain the largest supplier of poultry. Also Tyson was repeatedly sued for illegal discharge of untreated sewage into the water supply of Tulsa; after the company sued the first time, she just paid the fine and continued the practice. Company Tyson with his large farms with ammonia made people seriously ill. This Corporation knowingly hired illegal immigrants and was even accused of buying people (slaves) to ensure a cheap work.

Smith and Wesson, 7.08.2013, jnnIzT96S9Tdo6WkSMNajmFYfqd8DsLU

As the largest manufacturer of handguns (and machine guns) in the USA, Smith and Wesson is indirectly responsible for many deaths in the shooting, carried out not only by police and government agencies, but also criminals. In the study, the top ten weapons used by criminals in the US, the first was a Smith & Wesson.38 Special. Rooms 6 and 7 were also Smith and Wesson. Statistical studies have shown that the weapon is used more often for crimes than for self-defense. Of course, «guns don’t kill people. People kill people». And often people use weapons Smith and Wesson.

Phillip Morris, 7.08.2013, fjmnldKqy1vdmSqE6dYq0uDAaLOLW3OV

Phillip Morris is the largest manufacturer of cigarettes, which are known to cause cancer in smokers, as well as birth defects in future children, if the mother smokes during pregnancy. Cigarette smoke contains 43 known carcinogens and over 4,000 chemicals, including carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, hydrogen cyanide, nicotine, ammonia and arsenic. Nicotine is a psychological addiction. Smoking increases blood pressure, affects the Central nervous system and constricts blood vessels. Discarded cigarette butts are the main pollutants, as smokers usually throw them on the ground. Many of those butts making their way into marine and freshwater bodies, where chemical substances are absorbed into the water.

Coca-Cola, 7.08.2013, JeW5X8GMbnv4U6iLf1AtTv4K8ToRUHaW

Favorite soft drink almost all over the world — deadly? Even if ignoring the fact about the epidemic of childhood obesity, the Corporation » Coca-Cola has caused drought in India, where its factories use up to one million litres of water a day, leaving surrounding areas dry during the dry months. Trial in 2001 accused Coca-Cola in the creation of Colombia’s paramilitary formations, which suppressed unions protesters through intimidation, torture and murder.

Dinkorp, 7.08.2013, sgQOiCeQHij5qh7bgYabE2bHggytTEGZ

This private military company is often hired by the us government to protect American interests abroad — thus, the government cannot claim any responsibility for the actions of Dinkorp. Dinkorp known primarily for its brutality in impoverished countries, the trafficking of children into sexual slavery, murder of civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan and the student rebels in Haiti.

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