The 7 biggest robots in the history of mankind

Robotics is fascinating and leads us into the intellectual ecstasy. We, the people of humanitarian mentality is hard to understand how «dead» can become «alive» through what mechanisms the engineers are forced to move the lifeless piece of metal. It is not surprising that some people are afraid of work. Popular culture adds fuel to the fire when releases movies about the inevitable capture by the robots of humanity. However, if you look at the history of robotics in General, which spans thousands of years (we’re serious!), it is safe to say that we are not enemies.

1. Steam of dove Architectural tirenskogo

No one knows who created the first robot in history, but some historians claim that the first wizard of the robots was the Architect of Tarenta. Archytas, a Greek mathematician and engineer who owns a classic argument in favor of the infinity of the Universe: «If I’m on the edge of the Universe, i.e. the sphere of the fixed stars, could I stretch the outside hand or stick in it? The assumption that it would pull out, pointless. But-if you do, then what is outside will be either body or place (something immaterial). So, how many times do not let the boundaries of the Universe, every time we will likewise approach her and ask the same question».

In General, it was a smart guy who asked smart questions, so we cannot deny the possibility that he could build a wooden steam pigeon, which could cover a distance of 200 meters. So, this figure seems ridiculous, but considering that «dove» was born between 400 and 350 BCE, the Architecture can be called a genius of his time.

2. Programmable cart Leonardo Da Vinci

One of the most famous inventions of Leonardo da Vinci was a man-a robot resembling a German knight, Leonardo drew (and possibly built) in 1495. But somewhat earlier, near 1478 year, the inventor invented a self-propelled cart, which many modern experts believe the first ever programmable machine.

Instead of steam power and internal combustion engine vehicle was powered by a wound up spring. The cart can only move forward, but the operator may return the wheels in a certain period of time, placing the pegs in the small holes.

In 2004, Italian experts (designers, programmers, engineers and carpenters) come together to reconstruct an automatic truck Leonardo. They did, and today you can collect a small copy.

3. Mechanical Turk

In the list of robots has to be at least one cheater, otherwise you will think we are working against the people. So, in 1770, the inventor Wolfgang von Kempelen invented a chess machine that looked like a man dressed in Turkish clothing. This was done for the entertainment of the Empress Maria Theresa. Spoiler: the invention was a pure fraud.

Mechanical Turk» was sitting on a wooden Cabinet, which was filled with cogs, gears and other mechanisms. Before him, adorned with a chess Board. Machine often won at chess, and among the opponents of the «Turk» was Napoleon Bonaparte and Benjamin Franklin.

Skeptics suspected that the machine could not act independently. And they were right. Background Kempelen recruited talented players who were hiding inside the wardrobe mechanical Turk and controlled it with levers. People who saw the device side, in no way couldn’t see hidden players. When Kempelen died, a man named John Mitchell acquired «the Turk» and gave it to the Philadelphia Museum. The machine was destroyed during a fire in 1854, but Mitchell’s son, Silas, spoke about the principles of «Turk» in a series of articles that were published in the chess magazine.

Let mechanical Turk» was an elaborate hoax, but its existence has stimulated important conversations on mind machines that are beneficial to the coming robotic era.

4. The robot with the capabilities of reasoning

From 1966 to 1972, the USA developed the first mobile robot with the capabilities of reasoning. By today’s standards the robot looked primitive: his movements were jerky and he looked like a hulking pile of metal cabinets. But the possibilities were impressive: the robot was able to execute common commands in the form of step by step actions to achieve the goal, it has been equipped with programs for observation, reasoning and action. You could even «talk» with the robot by typing him a message. The robot was able to answer.

This box on wheels was called the «first electronic person» (Life, 1970). In fact, this robot was the first attempt to create a device that would be able to think. The attempt is commendable.

5. Industrial robotic arm

The robotic arm, which weighs almost two tons, a representative of a new industrial revolution. Built it in order to reduce injuries among employees of the plants. As a result of new technology not only reduced injuries, but also saved a lot of working people — for progress you have to pay.

In 1961, one of the largest automotive giants of America has implemented this technology in a pipeline of a new plant in Jersey. This was the impetus to create other robotic arms that were used in industry worldwide. Did the factories easier, safer and more efficient.

6. The measuring robot of the ocean

The ocean is one of the most unexplored places on Earth, but thanks to advances in robotics, the ocean yielded to man. In 1995, the largest U.S. Oceanographic research institution has completed the development of the first self-acting underwater robot created for the sake of data collection huge ocean distances over a long period of time.

The robot can collect samples, take photos and videos, and to survey the bottom at a depth of 5000 meters, using sensors and personal equipment.

7. The first robot to explore Mars

Without Mars we can’t do it, so listen. July 4, 1997 place program NASA «Mars Pathfinder», in which the red planet was dropped the Rover «Sogiorno». It was a little robot on wheels programmed to explore the planet. The uniqueness of the Rover that he was able to make their own decisions and respond appropriately to unexpected encounters.

The robot took pictures of Mars, collected chemical and atmospheric data collected Martian soil and explored nearly 2,700 square meters of soil of the planet. The apparatus is operated for 83 days — it was 12 times longer than scientists expected. This tiny robot was the first messenger of mankind in a completely different world — he made our civilization the way to Mars. If you look at the scientific and technical progress, work will continue to surprise us, as the last few thousand years.

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