The 6 most bizarre ways to protect yourself from premature ejaculation, 29.07.2013, WoW7hJrEdWFRExxCS9JYCsXWIdmNaugE

So, my friend, you know that it’s not good, it’s sad women! Sexual stamina is something that will help us to bring them to orgasm. Because they are longer, as long as it is not delayed too long: they don’t much like it.

The problem is that stamina is typed with age, we think. This is relatively true, not true. Sometimes we realize that we can return at some point to a happy student years and ending not of the naked female legs. So what do you do, friend? will help you! Today we have collected the most stupid ways to avoid premature ejaculation. But they really do work, man!

1. A listing of all the players and teams in any division, 29.07.2013, ZA0yjpk5KQk5q58NGSLEMT7jSstcBrmn

Very simple. For a fan of any sport. I’m personally not a fan, but was overheard to remark about the guy who remembered team in hockey, their place in the ranking, number of goals and structure when I realized that he is on the verge. And it worked! However, he lost his rhythm when you went through the players of HC «vanguard».

2. Wall, 29.07.2013, Ki56RbeBNYW1ieDXqKRbC23fM8gFErb3

Well, you’ve probably seen all these pictures, which show or young girl or old maid? Or any three-dimensional posters shown are becomes three-dimensional, turning off the brain? So here’s our advice: turn off the brain. During doggie-style is not difficult to quickly finish the job, when you see her appetizing Bouncing white ass, so our advice to you: turn off the brain and don’t on the wall! May not even blinking, as more care is put into all your brain straight down! Soon the wall will become funny and disturbing stripes merge into one pile, and it will give you the chance to win yourself a couple of minutes.

3. Rhyme, 29.07.2013, NW2eLbsrt10vX906iHhU4wBp2nJGJVnr

So, my friend, some people find that it helps a lot. If you’re not having sex in the wilderness, the next is bound to have something… that you can rhyme. Just look for the eyes, when they feel that they can’t. Type: «Stool… Scrambled Eggs… The Clarinet». Or Lotion, peony, pole». This will give you a few extra minutes to make her feel good. And disappoint your vocabulary. If you have sex often, I’d become a rapper.

4. The Soviet General secretaries, 29.07.2013, CikoGL9rzmGpXCvBkbbrstsxYKSZvtx8

I heard it from one of his old friend during gatherings in the kitchen with a beer on the course so the second and third. When this bro felt that already can not stand, he began to remember when every Soviet General Secretary went to his office when he lost it who came after. As a rule, he managed to get to Andropov or Chernenko. And it is worthy of respect. He also boasted that recalled the sequence of the ascent of the Russian tsars of the Romanov dynasty, but to give them, unfortunately, did not remember. What can you do, loved man of the Soviet Union.

5. The capital of the world, 29.07.2013, 49eLiFtBXOzpX970eiRCGX0XF9sQULQj

I read somewhere on the forum for quite some time. The man began desperately to remember the capitals of all countries of the world. Says helps.

6. Children’s song about the alphabet, 29.07.2013, snqssz0MunfAGOhJU7pdtZO1yb8whv8k

Also read on some forum a long time ago. Dude was teaching his little son the English alphabet, which was especially memorable with funny songs. This song is so ingrained bro in the head during sex with his wife and state on the verge of it plays in my head this song. Helped the says, very and immediately.

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