The 5 most deadly and interesting military arts from around the world

The idea that using the secret and deadly martial art you can kill a man with your bare hands or maim a crowd of muggers, always warmed the hearts of nerds around the world. And, of course, the idea is to fight like Jackie Chan, breaking boards with his bare hands. The debate about how realistic or unrealistic to kill everyone with his bare hands, a red thread runs through all of the outrage on the many forums. We can write this only in order to tell you something interesting.

1. Sambo. Country of origin: Russia

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Interesting observation: the more a country has to defend and attack different neighbors, the more it all translates into an interesting martial art. Russia is just such a country. After the revolution the whole experience of fighting with bare hands joined in «Self-defence without weapons» or Sambo. This kind of control is studied and government agents, and ordinary soldiers.

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And here is Sambo in action.

2. Muay Thai. Country of origin: Thailand

The Thailand border is also often violated, therefore, nothing surprising in the fact that they had their own martial art, no. Another name for Muay Thai — battle of eight limbs or Thai Boxing. What’s the extra limbs? Elbows and knees, of course! Wrestlers use them just clubs, expertly hitting their opponents. The force of the blow in this martial art is simply amazing. A wise man once said that Muay Thai is «just bull with one blow.» And he was goddamn right.

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As is always the case with good things, with Muay Thai is associated with many legends. the most famous and is partly true originated in 1774, when the Kingdom of Burma had invaded Thailand, which was then Siam. Against the great masters of Muay Thai Nai Khanom Tome, who was captured by the king of Burma for the sake of General rejoicing put the great masters of the Burmese martial art called lethwei. Say, that dude lasted 10 seconds against Tom and was brutally murdered. But the judge decided that It was cheating, distracting his opponent. Being a true gentleman, a master of Muay Thai have agreed for another nine (!) fights that were won with amazing ease and ferocity. The king of Burma was impressed with Tom’s skill and invited him, together with the freedom to choose two awards: two very beautiful girls and a bag of money. Therefore, the money refused (.), but the women took. And went with them into the sunset on horseback.

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3. MCMAP — Marine Corps Martial Arts Program. Country of origin: USA

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Martial art for the U.S. marine corps was invented in the eighties. Feature of it was the ability to use as a makeshift weapon for close combat a pistol, a bayonet, a rifle with a bayonet. Most often the program is used in order to neutralize the enemy, breaking some bones, immobilize him extreme pain, but to kill them too.

4. Silat. Country of origin: Malaysia

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Malaysia at the time also decently suffered. Pirates, Portuguese, the British, and even Japanese — all these people trying to bend the Malays. But they did not whine and invented Silat.

Many martial arts were invented to perfect the body and spirit, to find themselves and end your spiritual search. Now, Silat is not one of them. The first master of this martial art used it to 10 seconds to beat the enemy to a state of no fit lightning attacks, then finish off half-dead with something heavy. Different vile blows and techniques of Silat masters are encouraged.

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The most brutal and cowardly methods of fighting is still taught in the jungles of Malaysia. Say, are masters at the age of 7-10 years once got the crap kicked out of an adult. Dude, who taught Silat, spent years in dark caves, in which nothing is seen beyond their noses. If the Shaolin monks learn restraint, crazy Silat childhood learning to tear flesh like animals.

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By the way, the master of Silat are actively using Kris wavy dagger that rips out of the victim pieces of meat. Often Chris literally upravlyaut deadly poison, which is very easy to kill a man just by scratches.

5. Extrema. Country of origin: Philippines

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Eskrima is an ancient art of the Philippines, which represents the beating of the opponents sticks of wood with astonishing speed. Until 1521, the Filipinos practiced in extreme each other, but then came Magellan, and foreigners have experienced the hard way what it means Filipino martial art.

The basis extreme can be considered a hobby, a lightning-fast kicks and punches and disarming techniques. If the wizard extreme not in the hands of chopsticks, don’t worry: he can beat you and with my bare hands. And maybe with a knife.

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Eskrima was the main protection of the peasants who grew rice. The most famous victim of this art was Ferdinand Magellan, who is beaten to death with sticks. For 450 years Eskrima were banned, and only survived due to the fact that was disguised as a dance.

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