The 5 most creative ways to get revenge on ex, 2.07.2013, xhTRfVldsLOacuc86kWfkBHGMIMDHkfr

Revenge ex is in some way a part of folklore: everybody knows that it is bad, everyone know that Christian and human being to forgive and let go, but no one genuinely does. And all because we’re human, and that is why it is difficult for us to forgive.

For revenge, the former are always very original ways. What? Today we tell about the most creative of them.

1. To arrange the sale of the property, 2.07.2013, 2C2jZyOEl4Jhl319jJPzlhVlFCI56LM2

Americans have such a cool tradition like a Yard Sale. It consists in the fact that the American family everywhere places an ad to sell unnecessary things. Things that are no longer relevant to their owners, pulled into the street and laid out on makeshift stalls, where they sell for a pretty penny.

When an American woman found out her husband instead of having to go on a business trip, goes to «visit» for a couple of days to his mistress, posted on Facebook and local forums such ad: «My husband went to that bitch for the weekend. I’m having a sale of his things. Come who wants to. But the clothes will not: I burned it. But you have a chance to wheels and brand new Xbox.» Locals love to visit sale. What can you do, people love the circus! Although the benefits are: furniture, personal effects, fishing rods, books — it all went to people for pennies.

2. eBay-the wife, 2.07.2013, 5nT03oisapAFGGGoXDKJAabkhD7REpab

Paul Osborne once read the correspondence of his wife with another man. They discussed the sexual lives of Paul and his wife not the most pleasant colors. Who likes this? Our hero decided to take revenge to take revenge. Paul posted on the Internet auction, the announcement of the sale of the wife to which was attached photo. The description indicated that the product (quote): «false, deceitful, depraved slut.» There is another version: «deceitful, lying, dirty slag». Strange stuff, wife a slag called. Gender was included in the description of the phone number of the wife and the guy she slept with. At least for a few days, the price of Paul’s wife rocketed to half a million pounds. That’s what male friendship, man! For Paul, the situation not only ended in divorce. His wife went to court and the guy talking, has been banned from British sites.

3. Car for 75 cents, 2.07.2013, nEH8wbPmASn416USq0VwaDdeVP7ZM9FU

But this story is really a bit sad. Ordinary British radiodeejay named Tim Shaw once interviewed a famous model jodie Marsh. Talking Tom to swing so that said that will leave Jodi for his wife and two children. All laughed and forgot. But when Tom arrived home, he found in the garage of his Lotus Esprit, worth 38 thousand evergreen, which, by the way, the missus called another ugly sports car. Wife Show he sold his machine to the Internet for 75 cents. The wife of the guy didn’t like that he was willing to commit adultery with the model. Not only that, the Show had to apologize publicly to his wife, so the car was returned only for the money — some $7500. A sad situation, man.

4. Govnoshou, 2.07.2013, InLY21bl3toifLe3qJAcCUEQwoTDZIUo

The usual drama on a farm somewhere in America. Husband is a farmer discovered that his wife, who by happy coincidence, also a farmer, signed up on a Dating site for farmers and communicates there with farmers of the opposite sex. And bro decide to take revenge of fermerski. Dude loaded up a truck full of horse crap and dumped it into a wheelbarrow his wife with an open top. For nefig to flirt when the time to weed cabbage. Hell, it’s just disgusting!

5. Glue and penis, 2.07.2013, vxTNNyxmZGHZxdxmoRuOzuoQQwTdhxtv

Another not the most pleasant story. Not-bro by the name of Davis Danessa (some female name!) woke up with a strong belief to sleep with at least a few women. That’s just the trouble: our hero at the time was married. Davis signed up on a Dating site, where he quickly found a few women for sex. But not so easy was the wife of Davis. She then got in touch with these girls, it was her friend. Anyway the wife made Donescu a terrible revenge. When the guy came to the Motel to meet up with one of these girls, there it was waiting for all five. At first everything started out innocent, Davis was strapped to the bed, blindfolded, to prepare a light vanilla BDSM «fifty shades of grey»-style. But then the room went six angry women who beat Davis and glued his penis to stomach strong super glue. For nefig.

Davis had to seek help at the hospital, because the self-separating member, not glued carpenter’s glue, he has failed. By the way, ladies for kidnapping, assault and battery received by deadline.

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