The 5 best documentaries about survival

When years live in a stuffy town, working around the clock in a dark concrete house, and then I eat that gives you a microwave, then life is not sweet. Because people though clever, but still an animal that came out of the woods. Let the modern man does not know what is the life without TV, refrigerator and a soft bed, but there are always people who try to remember his true bestial nature. They think that mankind has created too many benefits that separate us from understanding the order of things in the Universe. And you know it, when you’re out somewhere with a tent, kindle a fire and watching the flames dissolve into the night sky. The stars look down on you and you on them – and you don’t need anything more.

But few people now actually able to survive in the wild. I have many friends who want to sell an apartment in the city, go somewhere in the far East and fishing crabs, living in some wooden shack, others are talking about Siberia, but not the essence. The truth is that they have no idea what life on the old model. What was familiar to man in prehistoric times, is a living hell for us. But if you want to go away from the towns and cities, we can’t stop will not. Better we share with you a cool documentary that sheds light on the subject to come prepared for the challenges. However, the case seldom comes, but at least you’ll see a great movie.

1. Extreme Canada with Charlie Boorman


If you want a quality road movie, then pay attention to what makes Charley Boorman. He especially liked the motorcyclists, because the Burman is positioning itself with this perspective. The «Extreme Canada» tells the stories of many lives. For example, in one scene, Charley Boorman assumes the role of catcher lobster and eight hours spent on fragrant fish fishing boat, working together with professional fishermen. In another, he goes deep in the forest, where the trees are sugar maple trees serve as donors for maple syrup. There, he open the manufacturing technology of syrup, which is simple enough. Canada itself open to us in the pleasant view: the wild wooded country, where still remains a place for these men’s professions.

2. Men in the mountains

This is an American show that talks about survival in the mountains of the North American continent. The main characters are ordinary men who reveal their secrets to combat the cold, bad weather, dangerous predators. They seek their food, hunt prey. The shooting takes place in remote places of the planet, where nothing suggests that the person there is happy. Mountain Apaches, Montana, great Northern Alaska range – these places are not for the faint of heart. The show is not allowed to enjoy the benefits of civilization, they have to rely only on the experience of their ancestors and their own strength. Beautiful scenery, great shot.

3. The art of survival ray Mears lesbian


Ray Mears is not just a showman, he is a true traveler and a true expert in the field of survival in the wild. In addition to great books, which he is the author («Guide to survival»; «the Vanishing World – a Life in the wild»), ray Mears is actively removed on the Discovery channel. Unlike his TV shows from the same is that he does not set himself a goal to get from one location to another. Instead, Mears begins to restore life in a particular place, where, apparently, impossible to settle down. However, he absorbs the knowledge of locals who for centuries have existed in inhospitable conditions. Leading by example demonstrates that it is possible not just to survive in the wild, but to live in pleasure.

4. Everest – Beyond The Possible


This documentary series was published from 2006 to 2009. Useful for anyone who wants to try climbing. Under Russell Brice gathered a group of desperate climbers who really do not have much experience in the mountains assault of this magnitude. The team has a 71-year-old man, Japanese, Kazusa Yanagisawa, who dreams of becoming the oldest person to conquer Everest. There are suffering from asthma bodybuilder from Denmark Mogens Jensen, as well as motorcyclist Hollywood Tim Medvetz. They all take risks when we go Hiking. Documentary footage show the terrible episodes where seemingly the whole team is on the verge of death (hallucinations, risks of edema of the brain, hypothermia). A very extreme documentary project, which is hard to look away.

5. One in the wild

Perhaps the most valuable recommendation to the view presented, albeit filmed on a normal camera. If you have not watched this movie, then get right with him. His shooting dick Proenneke writes about his life, which he held in his own hand-built cabin in Alaska.

At the age of 51 years, dick Proenneke tired of civilization and decided to live on the wild one, he chose a beautiful spot in the lake at twin lakes. From the beginning dick and didn’t think I could live in this place for more than one year. But when he was one on one with forests, animals and lakes, all doubts disappeared. It was not necessary to look to the opinion of society – all the boundaries have disappeared. Instead of one year he spent in a hut thirty-five years. Documented his life, he until 1998, the film consists of his files. The only thing that forced him to leave his new home, so it’s a 45-degree frosts, which at the age of 82 years to make not just.

All were assembled four of the film: Alone In The Wilderness (Alone in the wild); The Frozen North (Frosty North); Alaska: Silence & Solitude (Alaska: Silence and Solitude); Alone In The Wilderness Part II (Alone in the wild part 2).

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