The 4 most idiotic robbery

Recently in the glorious maples and syrup Canada happen magically cases of theft. The young man, in appearance a little more than 20 years, not trying to hide his face, comes into the banks (most often from 12:00 to 13:00) in downtown Toronto and polite (canadian!) reports Bank clerk a note which says that the suspect is armed and demanded cash on hand. Those following the instructions, give him the money, and the young man goes.

And so five times in the last month. The police has not yet reported total amount stolen, but notes that the notes are well written, without grammatical errors. According to the testimony of cameras with one robbery, the offender took the subway.

In the history is full of examples where such note is not triggered. For example, in England the thief wrote so illegibly that the cashier did not understand and returned a note back. And in Belgium the thief his amazing ignorance amused the cashier, who, laughing, called him an idiot, and the upset went home.

However, this is not the most moronic attempts in the history of robberies, much more.

The Italian job

It’s the Italian job has nothing to do with what was in the movie with mark Wahlberg. When people go to Rob, telling all their friends the smallest details of the crime, is also a little something. The Italian job is when a thief kills the subject he was trying to make. That is what happened in a small provincial town of Casamassima. The thieves managed to get inside and steal pyatisotletny a metal box with money. Inventive thieves even got the truck and drove the prey towards the exit. But suddenly the box fell from his vehicle and smashed one of the robbers.

The Italians are not only unhappy, but also extremely romantic people. For example, I went to some average chiro to Rob a Bank, armed with a gun, even the face is slightly covered, pointed the gun at the cashier, with a stern voice, demanded money, and left. It would seem, rest-and-spend, but no, this is Ciro so excited by the beauty of the cashier that the next day flooded her with a bouquet of flowers and the clear intention to ask her out. Hoped this idiot is unclear, but the cashier, understandably, called the police.

A botched robbery of a drug dealer

Never Rob the drug lords. Never. Or learn thoroughly, who lives in the targeted house. Just any your mistake may cost you your life. What’s the point of stealing, risking their lives? It is the same.

The lords has one strange feature — to stuff their homes by hordes of guards. Get in house, run into someone — will have to flee. In a typical stealth games. And who knows where you will come running.

All this happened with the poor Mexican lad Faustino Marquez. The usual Latin American shmuck at his own stupidity flooded Rob a local drug Lord. Seeing on site scurrying to and fro hard men, the guy gave up and realized that here something not so. Not wanting to offend the Aztec gods, the boy hurried to leave the territory, taking the road of garden shears and a hat (you can’t leave, in fact, positioned just so), but the gods were angry. The fact that the guy took for the wall, was an open-air cage with wild animals. Very wild: drug Lord’s loved lovely and kept tigers. Of course, the tigers invasion is not approved and tore the poor.

Female rage

The worst thing that could happen to you — you will be beaten to faint and dizzy 70-year-old woman. Such strong women not so much or they live in Germany, but one did not scream, cry and frantically call the police. Even despite the fact that when a burglar broke into the house, he slapped the pensioner in the face. Apparently, in that very moment, an elderly Frau woke up the spirit of his warlike ancestors. The old woman took to sneaking up on the thief from behind while he rummaged through the drawers and smashed a lamp over his head, and then finished off all that arm will fall. As a result, the guy appeared to be bruises, two broken ribs, a concussion and a bad cut. However, while driving by the police, the guy came around and started to whine that the crime he was driven by extreme need, and that way he does not have. Grandma touched, and had tried to book for a grief-the thief word, but to no avail.

As can be seen from the robbery no one is immune: not a German pensioner, nor a drug Lord. What to speak of us mere mortals. Besides, not all thieves are so stupid — there is no guarantee that your house will not try to enclose a seasoned professional when you’re not home. The most valuable under the mattress pointless — all potential nychka like cut off the boards long known and protect your good to slightly less than nothing. It would be wise to install home burglar-proof safe which will protect from intruders. Thick walls and a secure lock attached. Besides, its weight is enough to flatten in case of an accidental drop on the thief. Well, if you want to do him, no one could get, it is best to choose for recessed installation in the wall. To buy such a reliable repository for their money and nerves at the store «STILSEYF».

Kemerovo GTA mixed with «the Hangover»

Perhaps the most legendary and absurd history of the robberies took place in Kemerovo, in 2014. This is a story about how a drunk man rode the homeless and the goose in a stolen car. The driver, as often happens, had no idea how he ended up driving the car that is wanted.

Bum also anything distinct could not tell, only said that the driver is a lovely man, and that he was drunk and was invited to go. About the goose guys anything intelligible to tell, too, failed. According to the detainees, the bird they picked up along the way. However, it turned out that the version of lonely wandering on the road Gus was untenable — informed about the disappearance of birds said the seniors who reside in one of the surrounding villages. Why do they goose? Yes, because cool. Smart people know that goose more benefits and joy than a getaway car. Especially if your friends are bums. Here is such a GTA mixed with «the Hangover».

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