The 10 best liquors in the world

Today, man, we’ll tell you about the ten best liqueurs in the world, so you could try some of them with my lady or friends. And maybe not even one — you never know! If you want to relax from the crazy parties and spend a quiet evening in pleasant conversation, the liqueur will be the best addition to your night. This is a drink for a relaxing and comfortable holiday. Clear liquor — not a cheap pleasure. Some of them have pretty fork, others are quite affordable: their price falls in the range of thousand rubles. Don’t be greedy, dude, sometimes it’s nice to afford a good rich drink!

1. Grand Marnier Cuvée du Cent Cinquantenaire (Grand Marnier Cuvee Speciale San Senkatana)

1. Grand Marnier Cuvee du Cent Cinquantenaire

Category: fruit.

Manufacturer: France.

Price:7000 RUB.

Fortress: 40 degrees.

No wonder this divine elixir is located on the first line of the rating and costs a fortune! All this is because it is created from rare varieties of 50-year-old cognac. And it’s not just some nonalloy brandy, and drink of the best wine area of France Grande Champagne. In addition, the liqueur is composed of essence of wild tropical fruits and, of course, the secret ingredients, which the manufacturer keeps in a strict secret. All the components of the beverage are mixed in the right proportions, and then kept the liquor for three years in solid oak casks. And then not to pay seven thousand for such a luxury!

The drink is perfect for meeting up with old friends and leisurely conversations about life. In fact, not only to offer his lady a forty-degree drink.

2. Sovrano Limoncello

Ruler Lomoncello

Category: fruit.

Manufacturer: New Zealand.

Price: 900 rubles.

Alcohol: 28 degrees.

One of the most popular fruit liqueurs. The name as it suggests that the drink has a distinct taste of lemon. The drink is a symbol of New Zealand, its national pride — although at first Limoncello is an Italian liqueur. Attention, in the ritual of drinking is a very important point: drinking liquor need chilled. The colder, the better — don’t be afraid to overdo it, dude! Traditionally, Limoncello is bottled in high small glasses that are pre-frozen and so hard that their surfaces are covered with a thin layer of ice.

This fellow can be assessed with his lover. And Fort he average and the taste is pleasant, fruity — girl should be like.

3. Chai Liqueur from Dancing Pines Distillery

Dancing Pines Chai Liqueur

Category: spicy.

Manufacturer: USA.

Price: 1500 rubles.

Fortress: 30 degrees.

This liquor is not very prevalent in Russia and it is absolutely vain! Before you the most popular of liqueurs Dancing Pines Distillery company, and this popularity is due to the fact that the taste of the drink is absolutely unique. Technology of production of this liqueur is similar to that of create a legendary brand of tea called tea (Chai), don’t mind the pun. For the manufacture of liquor are made from the choicest leaf black tea and five spices (which, of course, the manufacturer is silent).

To drink this liqueur can even be… parents! And that is quite good, will come peace family get-togethers — almost a family tea party, perhaps that is a bit hardcore.

4. Molinari Sambuca

Sambuca Molinari

Category: herbal.

Manufacturer: Italy.

Price: 800 rubles.

Alcohol: 38 degrees.

There is hardly a person who never heard the name of this liqueur! It is very popular drink it just like that, on the basis of his cocktails, and is a sin not to recall here hot Katya Sambuca. Now you know why she took such a nickname! Sambuca — an Italian liqueur with the addition of anise. There are many ways to drink Sambuca: you can drink it as chilled, you can, on the contrary, to set it in the pile, give her time to burn, then extinguish and drink, but you can serve it as the home of liqueur — Italy — with three coffee beans on bottom of a glass, symbolizing happiness, health and wealth.

It so happened that Sambuca is perfect for parties. So if on a weekend with friends still plan on painting, Sambuca to help you!

5.Crème de Pêche from Merlet Peach

Creme de peche

Category: fruit.

Manufacturer: France.

Price: 775 rubles.

Alcohol: 18 degrees.

As you probably understood from the title, this liqueur peach flavor. And not chemical peach flavor, but this fruit! In addition, the drink has a very pleasant aroma. Attention, very sweet! So drink it in its pure form would dare not all bro. But to do it on the basis of the cocktails are quite another matter.

To drink it, of course, need a lady taste and a fortress at the appropriate. Or you can just present her a bottle of liquor — let evaluates it with my friends and discussing what she has done. Although… we all have our weaknesses. Who can blame you if you from time to time I like to drink this very good and extravagant liquor?

6. Grand Marnier Cuvée du Centenaire Orange (Grand Marnier Cuvee du Cinquantenaire orange)

Category: fruit.

Manufacturer: France.

Price: 3900 roubles.

Fortress: 40 degrees.

Long ago, in 1880, a Louis Alexander Marnier Lapostol — surely the more gourmet and aesthete — created the drink based on cognac. He made it a unique flavour — tart taste of wild oranges — and not familiar to us orange fruit from a supermarket, and Caribbean green citrus. Sounds tempting, Yes? This liquor, among other things, added to cocktails, such as the well known «B-52».

A major thing we would recommend you to reserve for evening conversations with my father. It is strong and musky man drink for adult men serious.

7. C2 Créme de Cassis Saintonge Boisée Black Currant from Merlet

Merlet C2 Cassis

Category: berry.

Manufacturer: France.

Price: 780 roubles.

Alcohol: 40 degrees.

This liqueur has a pronounced concentrated flavors of black currant with muted pine notes. It is quite interesting and rich flavor which is a good relish, rolling the liquor in the sky. The drink has a long berry taste. Strange, unusual choice — perhaps not expecting much from him, you will be surprised how you’ll like it.

This drink is perfect to drink at the reunion: he’ll set everyone on a sentimental nostalgic way, and the evening goes above and beyond. And, you can present them a bottle of this wealth to grandma from grandpa (by the way, remember that next time you will not have to suffer and figure out what to give one of them a birthday) — even added to tea in winter.

8. Baileys Original Irish Cream


Category: cream.

Manufacturer: Ireland.

Price: 800 rubles.

Fortress: 17 degrees.

Perhaps one of the most famous liqueurs of all time, based on Irish whiskey and cream with vanilla, sugar and cocoa beans. Very sweet but a nice drink, one of the leaders among cream liqueurs.

«Baileys» I love ladies of all ages, from students to grandmothers. But with them it and drink. If your girlfriend is elegant and sophisticated treat her «Balsam» — and it will thaw. Your mother too well appreciate the drink: for example, my cupboard always has a bottle of «Baliza» she adds mood to the coffee.

9. Campari


Category: herbal.

Manufacturer: Italy.

Price: 800 rubles.

Alcohol: 28 degrees.

The popularity of this beverage in Italy ahead of even the famous «Limoncello». It has a bitter-spicy taste and bright red color is an interesting combination, isn’t it? The taste of the drink difficult. He’s giving strawberries, grapes, honey, citrus, nuts — then you will not understand. Of course, the recipe for Campari is a closely guarded secret. The beverage produced from the infusion of aromatic herbs and citrus fruits that add sugar syrup and water. How many of the ingredients used for its production, no one knows for sure: called different numbers in the range from 40 to 68.

Drink it with a girl, if she’s spirited, determined and not afraid of adventures. The drink is quite strong, but very interesting and passionate — no wonder it is so hot like in Italy.

10. Jägermeister


Category: herbal.

Manufacturer: Germany.

Price: 800 rubles.

Fortress: 35 degrees.

The only liqueur from our list produced in pedantic Germany. The name literally translates as «senior Ranger» is directly connected with a pleasant herbal taste. In the «Jegermeister» includes up to twenty different plants, roots, and bark. Before the drink is ready to drink, he insisted for a whole year. Half of the time «Jägermeister» spends in oak barrels. Drink it well chilled and in one gulp. Worth noting and chic design of the label: the deer will not leave anyone indifferent.

With whom to share this wonderful liqueur? So who wants! It is integrated into any company and will be equally well received, and family and friends.

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