The 10 best finds on Aliexpress

manygoodtips.com_20.06.2016_cfGCE3NsDCCe4Aliexpress is the source of the most interesting things were often designed by the Chinese manufacturer. This website became popular all over the world not because you can buy anything there that you can find in the store across the street. This is just there may not be. But you can count on absolutely original things in the domestic market not to find.

A lot of goods, life is not enough to reconsider everything. So we spent the time so you don’t waste your and found necessary or, on the contrary, useless, but cool stuff. You may have questions as to their quality, but here it is to rely on luck, or on rating sellers, which reduce all risks to zero.


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1. Camera for your dog


Let’s be honest with each other — we hate to waste vacation time on the shoot. But we are often asked: take a picture of it, picture it, come on the backdrop of the sea. When do we just relax? So the whole vacation will be spent in the lens. Fortunately, we found out, if you have a dog. Let it be your cameraman and photographer. Just buy this mount, hang it on your dog and turn on the camera. Let the game yourself — you will in any case be in the frame. It’s always interesting to see the world through the eyes of his dog.

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2. Set «Radio»


Someone in hours of their leisure time reading books, someone plays computer games and who, according to ancestral tradition, design something useful, sensible and can be long outdated, but still cool. For example, something like radio or even radio. Why do it? Without proper technical education, you still will be able to collect. But only through this set. It is relatively detailed guide that will break your brain, as well as a bunch of wires, gizmos, and even a speaker. A great way to occupy yourself for a few days.

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3. The LEDs on the wheel


If you don’t want to be shot down while travelling at night on unlit streets on your bike, you need to become more visible. With a living target that has nothing to do. Just install led’s on wheelthat will work at the time of pedaling. If you stop, then they will turn off. We found a set of these in appropriate amounts. And not just a set, and nabolisa with 192 pieces. And put this kit into one convenient device, which, to our delight, is managed through the application XuanWhell, which already contains the 192 figure. But you can add to them! For this you need to create a clean rgb-list 256×256 8bit and draw or insert your favorite picture. Then save it in jpg format and copy to the phone memory. In the phone using the program Total Commander portable our picture in /storage/sdcard0/HaloWheel/img. Run the application and select XuanWheel our drawing.

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4. Tomahawk

For the sake

Good purchase, if you’re going to some backwoods and doesn’t want to burden yourself with a heavy axe. Tomahawk is a great replacement for him. The caption States that it is intended for the army, survival and other pleasures. We propose to use this Tomahawk in hikes, at campfire, butchering meat and in that case, if you attack a bear (the odds are in his favor). The tool is made of hardened metal, therefore, does not break. If you look at the price, this model is made of surprisingly high quality.

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5. Crescent


Watch the news, Crescent — hit this season. And even if you don’t want to get into all these information networks, there is no need to say you ever wanted a nice night light on the wall, especially for this budget amount. It can stick on the ceiling and on wardrobe, and everything. And even in the description he’s called childish, but we both know that the Crescent moon glows on the wall of your room is just what we needed in life. Especially true for those who see a starry night sky, only when he visits his Granny every ten years.

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6. Ukulele


Recently , we gave the ukulele our Theodore Gray hair, and he was very happy (or well portrayed joy). Just because every man should be this small, like a child, you get it. It is easy to take along on a trip, the places it takes a bit. You can even plane to take and to annoy the passengers to their performing art. And then put on your Hawaiian shirt and get in the ocean and start to comprehend the truth through the ukulele. Learn how to play it is quite simple, although need to know the intricacies. The tool itself is quite serious. To understand this, just listen to the songs of the legendary Israel Kamakawiwoole.

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7. The wine cooler


The easy thing in life, especially for wine connoisseurs. Works in the following way: pour the water into the cooler; put it in the freezer; when the water will turn to ice, then drop the chiller into the bottle. The bottle is securely corked with a rubber stopper, so that the taste of the wine will not change. You can, of course, first put the bottle in the fridge, but connoisseurs of wine drinking to do not recommended, and not always have free space for a whole bottle. In addition, the cooler works faster and maintains a single temperature for a long time.

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8. Horned chandelier


The theme of the horns isn’t covered enough, so here’s a one-horned contraption, namely the horned chandelier. It is not cheap, but thanks to LetyShops you’ll be able to save quite a significant amount. Itself the chandelier, from the aesthetic point of view, made perfect. It can be hung in a hunting Lodge, the cottage or in the great hall, where you’re with your friends having a feast. It is quite suitable for simple apartments. If we talk about the technical side of the question, the chandelier is made soundly: natural materials, a good mechanic, twisted as it should. So it is unlikely that it will fall on your head. I think it looks ominous?

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9. Wind turbine

It is time to start to live independently, because the price of electricity received. You can start slowly by installing the wind turbine on the roof of his home or yard, so that at least partially assumed the obligation of the reproduction of energy. Obviously, you still have to pay for electricity, but a little less. Who of your friends have their own power generator that runs on wind? Let’s try to guess: none. Is called the generator of SSF-400 and it comes with the controller. Its maximum power is 600 W, but the nominal is equal to 400 watts. Will have to fork out, but don’t forget about the cashback, and that in the future, this generator will save you a lot of money. Investments in the future, in essence.

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10. Eyes


Take them more direct 500 pieces. They are cheap, and a discount on the cashback even cheaper. What’s the point? Practical sense there (if you don’t make a secret from friends and family of Teddy bears), but it is possible to paste over them your room, your office and all the strange objects that you meet on the way to work: light poles, advertising billboards, car headlights, Cup of coffee. This, of course, is itself a century ahead, if you’re not crazy, but a couple of days the eyes on stickers , you really do. And even the mood of the people will raise their street vandalism, so everybody wins.

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Some numbers finally

All these products you can buy directly, but if you make it through cashback service LetyShops, then this solution will save you money. For example, for products with the article as a whole could be saved 2466 rubles. Especially now the service is handing out a premium account for 7 days, which allow you to bet on 30% more than standard cashback.


And not to forget about the cashback and to automate work with LetyShops, we recommend you to install Google Chome extension, which is called CashBack LetyShops. It’s very easy and convenient.



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