The 10 best finds on AliExpress, part II

manygoodtips.com_11.07.2016_5e7i61ybBgsYmWe thought of one issue about the crazy things that are sold on AliExpress, but I couldn’t. Because this site is like pirate treasure, which you open every day, and there’s always something new. And then, one summer evening, we are deeply stuck in the pages of this Chinese monster, to find for you something interesting, cheap and useful. Had to Tinker with the search queries. You know there names typed on some Chinese-Russian dialect. But we did, found a lot of useful and practical pieces. Themselves proud of myself!

Every product we took a shopping cart, has cost us cheaper than other users of the site AliExpress. This occurred because we used the service Letyshops, which helps to save on the purchases in many online stores. Letyshops returns about 5-10% of the cost of goods back to the account. Like a little, but imagine how much you will gain money for a couple of years of active shopping on the Internet.

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1. Robot vacuum cleaner


We know how much you don’t like to clean the house. Dislike to the smell of detergent, sexual rags and a bucket of dirty water in our lives since childhood. You thought that once you move into your home, it won’t be a problem. Nobody’s gonna force you to clean up, to vacuum, spend a lot of time to your house was clean. But, of course, you immediately realize that living in a mud bath quite uncomfortable, and time to clean everything out, just yet. But lucky you, you live at the same time, when work is actively penetrate into the everyday life of man. And so your floors glistened as the smile of Tom cruise, you need a robot slave who prefers to be called a robot vacuum cleaner. Such we you and found with good reviews and handling price.

To buy this item at a discount of up to 900 rubles →

2. Mini quadcopter


Since we started with the technology, and continue it. If you’re a student, but you want your own quadcopter to take him for a walk in good weather, you have to stop being them. The problem is that buying this device is not cheap. A good Quad is like two average salaries in Russia. So either you’re going to collect, willfully limiting themselves to pleasures, or you’re going to use our Council, namely: take a mini quadcopterthat costs less than two thousand.

To buy this item at a discount of 85 roubles →

3. Body armor from Kevlar


This will be one of your most profitable and far-sighted acquisitions, trust me. Even if the weapon we have is impossible, but to wear protection from it. Usually vests are worth a fortune, but we have found for you a relatively budget option, which, however, made of the real Kevlar. Do not expect from him that he will save from the blast or machine gun fire, but he’ll do just fine with a pistol bullet. And by the way, this vest meets U.S. NIJ standards. However, we do not advise you to give it to the dry cleaners — Laundry adversely affect the protective properties of Kevlar.

To buy this item at a discount in 1079 rubles →

4. Packages for juice


Carbonated drinks, alcohol or yogurt. In the data «packages» you can put anything that you consume in liquid form. Especially the aesthetically pleasing look of cherry, pomegranate and Apple juice, but you can pour a more interesting and fluid, from the viewpoint of color sensations. The kit includes five packages, each with a capacity of 300 ml Capacity ideal for each doctor or sick friend. Even for yourself you can take if you suddenly dreamed all his life to take the tests, and somehow became a boring lawyer.

Buy this item with discount at 17 rubles →

5. 3D glasses for smartphone


Another technological innovationthat allows you to watch 3D movies from your own smartphone. We will not describe the engineering of these points in order not to seem stupid ignoramus (well, humanitarians we are, forgive and have mercy!), but they do, as can be seen from the reviews. In principle, in 3D there is nothing that could be called really difficult. Imposed certain colors, thereby creating the illusion of an object in space. 3D cinema was already known in the middle of the last century, and now just the new wave. And, we think, well, when you have the opportunity to watch movies in this format lying in bed. A pair of binding conditions for the user: 1) smart phone 5 inch; 2) the image quality above the usual HD (to avoid graininess).

Buy this item with a discount of 64 rubles →

6. Rod


Back to the simple joys of life. When was the last time you went fishing? A hundred years ago. But in it lies all the wisdom of life. Wait, when the fish will no longer see you, see your bait, get caught on the hook. At this time you can eat hamburgers together with friends, drink beer and spend lovely summer day on the lake or river. This idyll, which we’re already starting to forget due to the development of all these technologies. But fishing — employment pleasant, especially if you have a good fishing rod. Such we found. A terrific balance of price and performance.

To buy this item at a discount to 199 rubles →

7. Beer tower


Evening with old friends that you haven’t seen in forever, most often goes for a beer. But you speak so much with each other that the beer instantly turns into a warm liquid — summer outside the window, what do you want? For such cases, and there is a beer tower. Pour the beer into it, and the Central flask was poured to crushed ice. Thus, the beer stays cold for long hours. And if you don’t drink alcohol, you can fill in, for example, any juice or Cola. The essence does not change — the drink remains cold, and pour it into much nicer through the dispenser. I feel like a bartender.

To buy this item at a discount of 98 rubles →

8. Cooler bag


Summer should be carried out behind the walls of the apartment every time you get the chance. Now, finally, on the nature or on a picnic. Bring a friend, friends, buddies. In General, gather a good company that you’re happy and glad that you are. Of course, for a company need soft drinks, but where can you get it in the middle of untouched nature? Water, whatever it was, tends to heat up. Who wants to drink warm soda? Fortunately we found a coolerthat will keep your water cold and do it well. May not fit thirty-three liters of intoxicating drink, but for a small picnic — at the time!

Buy this item with discount at 235 rubles →

9. Projector


I myself like to watch movies on the projector, even held film screenings at the time. An atmosphere similar to the cinema can compare with watching the film on a conventional monitor, even if it is very diverse and of high quality. However, finding a good projector and did not fail a challenge. If you want good quality, you will have to pay a lot of money. And if you want to save — then endure a bad picture. But we found a compromise, which is expressed specifically in this model of projector. In order not to deceive your expectations tell about two disadvantages: 1) it is quite noisy; 2) it heats up. But hell, it works, shows good picture (1920×1080) and is worth a penny. If you get to the action, you can even buy thousand for 6.

To buy this item at a discount in 365 roubles →

10. Hanger-shuriken

When you want to live by Bushido, but she does not approve of seppuku and your speeches about the Emperor, it is sad. At least you have the power to make your home in the East practical. For this you can use shurikens, which can be easily adapted as things on which to hang anything. They are easily screwed into the wall, keep weight and quite comfortable. The interior of the apartment, everything else becomes more interesting if you insert a shuriken chaotic way around the perimeter. It is certainly strange, but doesn’t mean it’s bad. However, there is a small minus of these «hangers». If you want to hang heavy coat, it with probability of 99% will fly down. Things done a practical thing.

To buy the goods at a discount is 38 rubles →


AliExpress, we think, for a long time will be relevant platform for finding different pieces that we can’t buy in regular stores. Now this is especially true because prices in outlets and on this Chinese site are very different from each other. But we can’t be sure that there is a difference in the quality of goods. Stores can just as well purchase products from Chinese suppliers, passing it off as original. In the end you overpay not for quality, and this quality, in our opinion sounds absurd. Therefore, we ourselves often ordered on AliExpress — until it fails.

Separately recommend to use service Letyshops, which is no harm to the health and psyche returns to you some of the money spent. For example, if you order all items from our list, you will return 3084 ruble. Three pieces plus never will be. By the way, new users get a Premium account for 7 days, which increases the rate of cashback is 30 %.

If you use chrome, install the extension CashBack LetyShops. It will help to automate the service, make shopping much easier.

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