That’s what it means to work well

That’s what it means to work well

manygoodtips.com_10.01.2014_lTjkSyMG6l2g0I remember in the childhood we liked to repeat: «Who does not work shall not eat.» Moreover, if you want to eat more and have just a little more, needs more work. Logical? Logical. But, as always, there is one «but».

It is what it is. Many of us believe that they already work a lot. We learned, received their diplomas, go to work, pay for everything themselves, call mom, keep promises — what else?

A lot of things. So all live. This is the normal human level of employment. We all need to go to work, clean up and call mom. It’s not «lot of work». «A lot of work» is something more. This is after you trubish your eight hours, make dinner, clean up and walk the dog. The city goes to sleep — wakes up «a lot of work». How is it done?

First, motivation

Motivation is when you can work, despite obstacles, boredom, stress and a desire to do something else. All motivated by different things. Usually it is a combination of various positive effects of your activities and the negative consequences of inactivity, and the internal and external stimulants. What the hell? Do you think it will be bad if not worked and, conversely, how cool it will be when you reach your goal. Do you think you’ll be pleased with yourself when you reach goals, and how you would cut a friend if nothing happens. Here’s and example.

Second, the plan

To somewhere to go, need to know how to go there. Need to know what steps you have to do.

When you think about big goals, you take to achieving them life. You have to work the same day. Plan is to cut a huge question «What do I do with my life?» into more specific and short-term questions: «What am I going to do in the next five years?», «What I want to achieve this year?», «I have to do this week?» and «What I do today?»

The lower the level, the more important, because on it you will meet the greatest resistance from both inside and outside. Whatever you did, worked on the weekend or relaxing with friends, ask yourself: «Why am I doing this?» The plan will help you to link all of your current action with your big goal.

When you have a plan, you is easier to make a choice, because you know what you need. You’re going to suffer from uncertainty and insomnia. You’ll know where to go.

Thirdly, get

They say if you do what you love, not a day in the life of not going to work. A great tip is to choose something according to their wish, only it is not considered a caveat. Whoever you were even a marine biologist, even though the designer is a freelancer, hot rock star, even a magician — sometimes there are days when you don’t want to get out of bed and where to go. For example, Mondays.

Sometimes you have to do something not nice and not interesting. This stress is fatigue, it’s just a chore. But then the moment will come and you will be rewarded.

Many seek to facilitate a fate or just quit because they are hard, but when you have motivation, you continue to go forward. It is unlikely that you will turn out to be good to the routine: the shifting of paperwork, boring meetings, a revival in utter early. On the other hand, not all this hate: so you will burn out quickly. Routine you just have to accept.

Fourth, all requires sacrifice

At day 24 hours, a week has seven days, and your body hanging out the brain, which need to rest for about 4-6 hours a day to more or less bearable to function. To learn how to do something at the level you need to spend 10,000 hours. We work 40 hours a week. And how much we spend on social networks? And how had Mendeleev to arrange the table?

If you have problems with math, to explain other words. You can’t do everything, waking up half an hour earlier or brushing your teeth in the shower. This means that you have to sacrifice for your goal.

The victim is the most difficult. It is even more complicated by itself. When you think about your goals and work that you need to invest in achieving them, the victims remain without attention. For example, you started dreaming of becoming a writer. Of course, the novel is not written overnight. «Of course, I’ll have to write a lot, you say to yourself, — but I love to write, otherwise I wouldn’t have wanted to be a writer.»

The aim is not difficult. It is difficult to sacrifice something for the purpose.

It’s much worse than it seems. For the purpose you have to give up a lot. Even from important. You will do this, sorry. This is the meaning of sacrifice: give up an important for something more important.

Working on something important, many times you will tell yourself «no.» You will repeat it «no» again and again. You say «no» even when others expect you «Yes» and you yourself, more than anything, I want to say «Yes». You’re going to sacrifice, not having full confidence that this makes sense.

And finally, the reward

The first four options were not very festive, all the salt gathered at the end. No one is trying to dissuade you from your work. Nobody says that for the purpose you have to abandon friends, sleep, and to remain forever alone. The main idea is that you could work more, even if you think you are already doing enough. And everything will begin to change.

The reward is not the destination. Even if you’ve achieved some goal, coped with a super complicated job, it does not mean that we can now sit down and rest. It’s a style of life. So you will live until you die. Take the award, shower to the award, and then put it in the achievement of the following objectives.

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