That’s what it means to be truly noble thief


You know, man, Robin of Locksley, he’s a mythical Robin hood — loser! Well, what did he do? Steal from the rich, give to the poor, humiliated the Sheriff? This Chinese thief is a hero. Despite the fact that he is a hustler.

Zou Bin, ordinary Chinese came out of a taxi in some Chinese city. In the car ran the other man, who also had to go somewhere. A little push — someone will notice this in China with such a large number of people? Zou quickly realized that his brand new iPhone, someone took it. The excited man began desperately to send in your old room messages with threats. He demanded the thief, his phone and even put to the message the address of his place of residence. What was his surprise when he received a package in which found 11 leaflets with all the contacts that were on his phone! All the Chinese were 1000 (!) contacts in your phone. They were detailed and accurately recorded on a piece of beautiful handwriting.

But the phone Zou still have not returned.

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