That’s my size: how to understand what you just

It happens: wear a new shirt and feel like something is wrong. But what exactly is wrong? The sleeve is the wrong length? Collar? Cannot be combined with other things?

The time has come to deliver you from this torment. We have prepared a collection of rules and tips on how to dress in order not to miscalculate the size. Changing fashion and styles, the rules remain.


Sleeves and cuffs

  • Shirt sit a little after a few washings, so they need to buy with a special strategy: the sleeves should be slightly longer, so you do not become too short.
  • The correct sleeve length — it should cover the wrist and reach the beginning of the thumb.
  • At the same time, cuffs should be tight enough that the sleeve not crawl on your finger.
  • If straightening his shirt out of his pants, her floors must close back pockets and fly.
  • When you put on the jacket and lower arms, the shirt sleeve should show under the jacket sleeve, one to two centimeters, in other cases, the shirt sleeve is too long.


  • If the shirt fits you in the shoulders, which is a significant sign that it is you.
  • Your index finger should pass easily between the collar and your neck when the shirt is buttoned up.
  • The collar of his shirt, or rather its lower edge should be hidden under a jacket or blazer.


  • The sleeves of the blazer or jacket should reach the bone in your big toe when you lowered hands, and it is important that they were not short.
  • The collar of the blazer or jacket should leave in front of everyone only a centimeter or two from the collar of his shirt.
  • If you plan to wear a jacket over the sweater, take it with you to the store to try on the jacket right on top of him.


To determine whether your pants easily. You try them on without shoes — they have to reach a floor. When you put on the shoes, the rear part of the pants should almost touch the ground, and your socks should not be shown the light of day when you walk.

  • If you wear pants with a belt, do not tighten it too tight, otherwise the pants will be around you the box and you’ll seem thicker than it really is.
  • If hem pants at the waist, do not get carried away: pruning need no more than the height of the belt.
  • Remember: pants, almost like a shirt, sit down after a few washes. Buy pants a little longer than you need.


With jeans, as with any informal clothing, the situation is much simpler, but still has its own quirks. Roughly speaking, the jeans come in several forms:

  • classic: not wide and not narrow, look familiar and reserved;
  • informal: an extra three inches in the region of the butt;
  • free which frankly freezes on the ass;
  • skinny — they are almost like tights.


The main thing is the length and combination with shirt and suit. You need to remember:

  • the tie should reach the belt buckle;
  • the size of the tie knot must be such that it is not raised, the corners of the collar;
  • triangle knot on a tie should enter precisely in the angle formed by the collar of his shirt.

Jackets and coats

  • It is believed that it is necessary to buy garments one size larger than suits and shirts. Still need to try on top of a sweater or jacket.
  • The coat sleeve should reach to the bones in your thumb when your arm is lowered.
  • The rear part should be straight and smooth. Horizontal folds suggests that coat on you a little, and vertical that high.


  • The belt should be one size bigger than your pants. If the pants W34 stated, the belt should contain a record W36.
  • The belt must be fastened to the middle hole.
  • The belt has a decent place in the loop that its edges are not hanging to the side or rear.
  • The belt buckle should be directly under the button-down shirt.

Now is definitely not disgraced!

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