That your cigarettes say about you

manygoodtips.com_19.12.2014_OYFY6bzzPmVNMIf you’re not a member of a sect of people who are fighting for the rejection of bad habits, then chances are, you’re the guy who likes to smoke on the balcony after a hard working day with smoke Cola. So, you know that you can smoke not only tobacco and not just through the filter and paper, so you need to understand, what do you say to your Smoking device.

1. Tube of corn cob


Or you broke out of the Midwest where you had a farm and you worked every day in a corn field, or are you a fashion designer hypstercom type, who was expelled from his native village, and he went to Peter to conquer the local elite.

2. Bong


You love your Bong, that already was sick and tired of all your friends with stories about him are beautiful. You know the story of its creation in detail, always take it with you wherever you go, it’s your super-Bong!

3. Hand-rolled cigarette


You do not drive on a normal cigarette – just silently prefer cigarettes of our own production. You choose quality paper and tobacco cigarette and light it when they hear beautiful music.

4. Electronic cigarette


You’re not a real smoker, and just love to lock himself in his room with loud music and to put the funny smoke. You don’t even think about what I smoke: do you like the process of filling the room with smoke.

5. Weed


You just love the buzz and, unfortunately, can not give up the attractive many.

6. Rose in glass tube


If you do not know such a whimsical way to relax, then perhaps you need to go through search engines to gather information. So, if you prefer a rose, then you’re either a latent homosexual, or a fashionable boy from the club. The second option does not exclude the first. There is, however, another clue: maybe you just found this thing my girlfriend and decided to find out what it is.

7. Hookah


Usually it is followed by either freshmen or fans of quiet evenings, of which they do not have enough. In other words, either you’re looking for calm or trying to look cool with a pipe in his mouth. Well, or you are a regular smoker, but can no longer smoke in the restaurant and so you have to order a hookah.

8. Glass tube


You want to smoke your weed here and now, and it would be better if it will fit in your dainty glass tube.

9. Apple Bong


You love to stand out from the plan and have an active life on instagram, which is full of beautiful pictures that are a bit like a chick.

10. Spoon

It was a bribe.field.ua_19.12.2014_xoed3gI8EzOt0

Dude, if you ever use the spoon to heat up any drug, then it was definitely heroin. In General, you’re just a drug addict and have nothing to do with Smoking mixtures, you need to enroll in a drug treatment clinic, or to chain himself handcuffed to the radiator.

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