That surprised the owner

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Now imagine that you left the car in the Parking lot next to the house, on your own place — well, one word. And forget about the car for a few days. Come to the Parking place and see this. Somehow stimulates and makes us think that we can’t always control your own destiny.

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The dude who left his car on this site, haven’t touched it for 10 days. Don’t know what happened to him, but after the car until he returned. China in General the place is very variable, apparently, it’s time to change the Parking, or how did this all can be explained? But the Chinese have decided not to bother: why to go somewhere, find a man, tell him to move his car somewhere, call a tow truck, if you can do this crap.

All Parking space, in addition, where the machine is (plus or minus two feet), was destroyed and turned into dust. And the car is worth.

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