That just will not do for the sake of argument!


Most worryingly, perhaps, in the company of men is a thirst for competition. Often stupid as dash about it. How many dudes got a Darwin award when they joined the debate with his «comrades». The dude from Romania is a worthy candidate for the famous prize.

It all started as an innocent stupid drunk. Dudes, booze, and someone someone began to take the dare. First drinking, jumping over the bench, then someone got tired of arguing and he decided to reconcile all. The guy behind me the last word. And swallowed a fork. Don’t know if this is a good argument in the dispute. The man decided to prove that a fork won’t do, but was taken to the hospital with terrible abdominal pain. The doctors gave him a laxative mountain and hoped that the plug will come out easily, or at least budge. Fortunately, everything went well, the plug itself out, and the operation was not needed.

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