That is changing with the beginning of a serious relationship

Serious relationship changes people. I’m serious. If you decide that you love this woman or are you comfortable in you begins to change. First, as we have already mentioned, a serious relationship is a Mature relationship. They are building two adults who can go on compromises, so the relationship can really bring. At least, outwardly. Or in habits. But, most likely, something will change in your soul. You met a beautiful woman. You have a lot in common, you can walk down the street for hours and talk about everything. You think you perfect, and you start to live together. And you realize that something has changed. And I like a man in a serious relationship, you can even say that.

1. You’ve become much more tidy

This is a serious change in habits. If before you does not bother the view of dirty dishes in the sink, now, even if she doesn’t approaching the height of the crane, it is still starting to irritate you. If you wish you will remember when the floor was washed last time, while until in your life girl he bathed only when he had something spilled (sweep is possible, but why wash?).

2. You began to say «We» instead of «I»

«We went to the movies last night», although before you say «I». I hope you realize how much you’re in trouble! Now you slowly become one, the quotient is erased, but completely it is, of course, will never be erased. And she likes when you say «we».

3. Now pillows on the reason stretch these covers that are called «pillow cases»

To do this, on your pillow from IKEA, nothing stretched — why? This case then need to be washed, but the cushions do not fray, she’s not feathery! But now you pull on pillows, pillowcases, because the girl says so they won’t gather dust, even though you still think they simply knock.

4. You appeared in my room a few packs of scented candles

And recently, your girlfriend brought another unit. It says «cinnamon», but it smells somehow rosin. If you don’t like anything that stinks in the house, slowly smoldering, then now you know what you can tolerate, and something in them. And the smell of rosin is quite nice, if you think about it.

5. You haven’t had ramen noodles

You and fast the hawk did not eat for a long time also. A salad, a simple meal, which is now always there. And you’re helping to peel potatoes, although I never tried to do that when a woman works in the kitchen. And more importantly: the «instant noodles» somehow does not pull.

6. Of alcohol in the apartment there is a wine. You even loved

The wines I had were calm, but with the advent in my life girl, I realized that drinking wine instead of beer — a great alternative. And now the bottle of wine in the fridge but I don’t want to drink it is the stock for the New year or special occasion.

7. Now the fun associated with pizza and movie night

I never thought so sincerely happy eating pizza in the company of a girl and attentive watching a movie, after which we’re not even going to have sex, and go to bed. But now it is such a joy!

8. Now you have a lot of things for different cases

If I used to drink wine and beer from a regular Cup, but now I have glasses, long glasses, cups, mugs and two glasses of whiskey. Despite the fact that sometimes I make tea in a glass for whiskey, I drink all drinks from different cups. And before that, I was sure, that this is a luxury. I had a beautiful candle holder, which are lighted candles; a lot of statues of Japanese gods and a lot of different crap. In the kitchen now there is not two deep bowls from IKEA for 40 rubles each, and two long dishes, a few plates, bowls, speckled, a few small bowls, a big bowl of salad and a lot of any dishes. In addition, I now have four pots in several sizes, three pans and three of the bucket. I never thought that I would have so many dishes.

9. You spend the next holiday with her family. And you even liked it

There was delicious food, I talked to her mom about different things. And there was just stunning «Napoleon» cake with homemade cream normal. Hell, something’s wrong!

10. You stopped to grab five hours of sleep. A sign of a serious relationship

I miss five hours of sleep. Once I managed to drink all night, go home, sleep three or four hours, Wake up in time to drink coffee before the bloody circles in the eyes and to go to work, and even managed to work. Now I go to bed early, sometimes even at 11. Otherwise I don’t get enough sleep and feel like a vegetable. But here everything is obvious: I’m getting old.

11. Sex on the weekend suits you

If I wanted every day, now I’m quite happy with having sex every other day. .libido somehow subside with in a serious relationship. But on the weekends if I’m not lazy, I can shake the old days. No, I need to sleep after a hard days.

12. I can watch a movie in the cinema, which previously would never have gone

My girlfriend doesn’t like the snotty Comedy, she loves a loading dose of fiction. And if I would not go to a movie because its poster seemed shit, now we can go to a movie just because we have nothing to do, and get pleasure from viewing a film that seems both full of shit. Then you can always discuss the film and to mock.

So, serious relationships, everything changes. And at the same time nothing.

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