That guy should not apologize and then expect us apology: and just. The option of «just so» no man is not satisfied, what is he supposed to apologize for something not even worth talking about? We are tired of this behavior. We won’t apologize for peasant actions, because it is no good — as if we were trying to dress up in a dress or make up. In any gate. For any price. No, my God. What we should not and categorically refuse to apologize?

For not showing emotions. From birth we are taught that emotions (mostly sad) — it’s not manly. That’s why we try not to cry. It is not that we are not able to sympathize. We are able to. Just do not know how to Express it, and do not consider it necessary.

For the size of the Luggage. Seriously? This is in some way a part of you. Here the member is also a part of you, you don’t apologize for the fact that it is big. And with a suitcase. Simple and clear.

For that we say «no». Not for nothing there is the word «no» — his existence is already justified its usefulness. Besides, it’s not just a word, but very useful word. It is difficult to talk to loved ones, but sometimes it’s necessary, and we say this not in order to offend someone.

Because I go without pants. Who accuse us that it’s dumb, then he tried to hang out with no pants around the house. I advise you to try.

For what I want to be alone. Alone, to be nice. So people usually do a self-examination, rest, watching porn from time to time.

Because hanging out with dudes. Dude needs to hang out with dudes. This is a great way to remind myself that outside of the hearth, too, is life. Anyway, this is a great reason to be the same man.

For what I want to watch football or any other sport. Most of us have a favorite team. The spirit of competition among men in the blood, and support a particular command is a way to achieve that very thirst for competition. This is normal. Is normal and something we do not respond to someone else’s speech when watching the game — cheer, it happens to everybody.

Because drinking beer. Yes, it smells so-so, but the taste cool.

Because talking on the phone only quick and to the point.

For what speak directly. Directness is the best way to convey to people what you want to say to him.

Because somehow not really want to have sex.

For not shaving. Yes, the stubble is growing rapidly. And sometimes we want to sleep longer. This means that to shave time. We will pobrema when you have time, or even grow a beard if you want.

Because we correct pants. The only people that have no eggs, do not understand, how it is unbearable when they are uncomfortable.

For what falls out of the conversation. Our brain is constantly working and doing something other than participating in the conversation. It is not that we have moved away from the conversation, and forgot about it — just focus on something else. Multitasking is difficult.

For what risk. Risk is the part of a man’s life. Risk in most cases men. And that’s fine.

Because we are men. Women do not apologize — why should we?

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