Than to please your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day

Valentine's dayFestive turmoil with the red balloon-hearts and Teddy bears in the shopping tents right on the snow is not a bit romantic. The holiday itself is highly questionable and, most likely, conceived that people do not forget to buy balloons. From this understanding does not always lead to: we are too used to believe February 14 holiday, and even if the girl is sensible and refuses any gifts on the so-called Valentine’s day, it is still the festive atmosphere infects her and without something special, she gets upset. Than to please your girlfriend this holiday?

To repeat the first date

When the relationship is just beginning, we try our best to show myself romantic and emotional. You can remind her of old times and to revive the memory of the first date. Drag her back to the same cafe, do order and tell me about your first impressions about it. Simple and cute.

Winter fun

Go to the rink. The rink is an island of romance in the middle of a cold snowy city. Everybody is tired of winter and do not get pleasure from snow or frost, like the first days of winter or the New year. But skating is still fun! Music plays, people teach each other to stay on the ice, laughing at his embarrassment – a perfect atmosphere for couples!

Rose petals

Very funny, but it really works. From the the idea seems too thick and well-worn, but when did you last do that? Never? Your efforts will touch and create a romantic mood: waiting is the most interesting part of the celebration. Let the rose petals are… somewhere. In the room where you prepare something special in the kitchen where you will find something delicious, or to the bathroom, where you also previously have thought.

To rent a room

A change of scenery is always beneficial. Can this not particularly wise to stay in a hotel, and there you will relax much more than at home. No need to clear the table, cook and wash the dishes. Just the two of you in a totally unfamiliar place.

To stay at home

Sometimes the best way to spend Valentine’s Day is stay home, go nowhere and do nothing. Not necessarily somewhere to go to make this holiday special. Think how nice it would be to spend the whole day together under a blanket, turn off the phones and no one to open the door.

Empire sweets

This day can not do without chocolate. Simple, tasty and foolproof. Moreover, in this day of chocolate does not happen a lot, so the meal can take on a truly monstrous scale. Buy her chocolate, take in a cafe and feed her there sorgusunun dessert, but at home let you waiting for a cake, or donuts, or cakes, or handmade chocolates: on this day, not counting calories.

Take her to the store

Where she wanted to buy something, but did not allow himself, because it is expensive, or simply not get around. Come with her to there and patiently wait while she tries on what she likes. Don’t rush it and evaluate the clothes with interest.

Secular entertainment

Which need formal dress and formal suit. Go to the theatre, to an exhibition or to an expensive restaurant. The pomp of the event will be foreign to you, you will be interested to feel festive outfits and see each other in full regalia.

Cook her dinner

Women like to take care of them. Wherever we go, whatever you do, in any case, give her flowers, light candles at home and prepare a delicious dinner. It’s not as difficult as you think. The best option is pasta: it’s quick and in most cases easy. The fit and salmon, and cutlets of tuna – anything. The main thing that was tasty and prepared easily. Gala dinner becomes even more festive if you made it yourself.

Take a bath

The idea from the rose petals: everybody talks about it, everyone thinks it’s a cliche, but actually tried only a few. And you try! You come to the aid of various salts, foam bombs for the bath, floating candles. Interested? Maybe this is what was missing.

If so, nothing came up

Among the readers there are certainly those who make it to the last, but nothing will come up. What to advise them? Universal solution: to give flowers, write a letter, or at least make an offer.

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