Than pleased with Apple’s OS X Yosemite and iOS 8

manygoodtips.com_2.06.2014_Lqe90B3BRwYwRJune 2 in the framework of the Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple introduced several new products including: Mac OS X Yosemite, iOS 8 and new programming language called Swift. But about all under the order.

The design of the new OS X (which is called by the name of Yosemite national Park in California) echoes the design of iOS 7 — it has become more «flat». In notification center shows all important user events by using widgets for social networking functions «Calendar», «Weather», «Reminders», etc. — but that’s just for starters. The most interesting feature is Handoff allows you to transfer tasks from one igadget to another: for example, when you start typing an SMS on the iPhone, you can transfer the assignment for aimag and terminate it there already. Instant Hotspot helps you to connect in modem mode with your Mac to your iPhone. Also, the owners of Apple products will appreciate the innovation called AirDrop: now the exchange of data between devices on OS X and iOS comes without the cable. Mention worthy and iCloud Drive app for cloud, which synchronizes files across all AI devices. Biggest breakthrough: Yosemite is able to call! This means that, after returning home, the iphone owner can safely forget your phone and write SMS and make calls from the desktop. Dude, it seems like the future is now.

As for iOS 8, there were no revolutions, but fairly pleasant news. First, it has iCloud Drive. Secondly, the service Messages now supports sending of photos, videos and voice files which are similar with popular Viber. Thirdly, a new predictive keyboard Apple QuickType, prigovarivaya the following words and adapt to the vocabulary of the host device. She is so smart that it is able to distinguish between business and personal correspondence. One disappointment: the Russian language is not provided. Siri-now understands 22 new languages — don’t know if any of them are Russian, but speak our language, unfortunately, has not yet learned.

Function HealthKit gathers together all the indicators of health application and presents them in a single metric. FamilyKit allows you to share with users who are designated as members of the family, photos, reminders, calendar, and to make purchases with a General account AppStore (if you want purchase the child can not endorse). ICloud photo library gives you access to all photos stored in the cloud these days, users are photographing too much, and the memory of the iPhone for the entire archive may not be enough. For such cases and invented this feature. Busy users will like the new ability to put the «do Not disturb» for individual conversations in Messages.

Apple also met our expectations and provided the audience with HomeKit, using which you can control the security system of the house, turn on the air conditioning, etc.

Finally, the company created a new Swift programming language for iOS and OS X.

All of this will still be refined. The beta version of iOS 8 became available to developers only, and the other is to wait until the fall. And it’s not the only thing you should submit: at the conference were not shown the iWatch or AppleTV, and the iPhone 6 is already a lot of talk.

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