Than is justified by the weak man, when he can’t explain his actions

manygoodtips.com_11.09.2015_WjrPmR8mpU949Since its inception a person is faced with insurmountable difficulties, hard choices, different dilemmas. It was a thousand years ago, it is now. But at the moment you can still understand what is around you. You can disassemble the problem into components, to evaluate complexity, to analyze it and make the best of any situation. For this you only need your own mind and the desire to treat yourself and others honestly, without embellishment.

Such an attitude to the problems and horrors of life can afford only strong-willed people. The same man, as everybody is saying, not now. This man can take responsibility without trying to find the cause in the appearance of resentment. If he lost his job, then do not blame the crisis, he said. If his house was robbed, then do not blame the robbers, and it as not installed the necessary alarm and other protection methods. In others there are always reasons to inactivity and boredom. The world and the truth often goes against us, but standing up to the hostile forces face to face, you’re still a man, and turning back, be a coward, who is unable not only to control their lives, but to save loved ones.

Not to be a loser in life, we must always understand why and what you’re doing. Unfortunately, many people forget about that and begin to do a fierce ad, not even knowing why they do it. Of course, all they have «reasons» that have no logical explanation. And here we have compiled a small list of typical phenomena for which modern man doesn’t want to think for themselves.

1. Tradition

Now every second when discussing controversial at first glance, the question stands for tradition. Anyway, tradition is not the answer to all the ideological challenges of the XXI century in Russia. But how can you relate to real phenomena through the prism of the experience of the past centuries? Another time, another life, other people, they are faced with quite different problems. So why still hear the voices of the call to return to the old order? The fact is that our, or any other tradition is not always so traditional. This is, roughly speaking, a remake of recent years, which is wrapped in a digestible promotional packaging, for a person to think less with your head.

Such easy to understand if you are fond of the history of his country, and read realistic fiction. Immediately disappear all the questions, but to «traditional remake» you already are treated like anyone postmodernist emission, which does not benefit the people. It might be propaganda, and maybe that it’s easier. Assume that in the country there is something so permanent that will never change. Although, even if you look at the history of our Church, you will be surprised how different it was in their best or worst years. Such structures are also not static, and they certainly have not kept what was some 500-600 years ago. Attitude to sex and marriage in our nation, too, has undergone changes and will resist further. Nobody will give any guarantees, that after some 30 years in Russia will not be allowed polygamy, but your son will not sincerely believe that it is very traditional.

2. Country shit

Well, we all know that don’t live in the garden of Eden. Even those of us who love to talk about «Garou», I’m not against the blame the hell out of here and take your family. But, hell, this whole movement is only due to ignorance of the real situation in other countries, which also has its poor, its turmoil and its injustice. Maybe on a much smaller scale, but that’s not the point.

Just ask yourself the question: what’s stopping you to live here? Why are you not rich or built a cool house with a Japanese garden? And what makes you think you can do it in another state? You know, maybe it just that you’re a lazy ass? It’s like in school: sometimes a bit sick, off from school, but homework still to do not be, although they could be, but you have a reason not to. And in life, causes always appear: the economic crisis, the President wrong, fucked up cops or just a bad day. But if you’re smart, independent person, then you just have to explore and find the exit. The difficulties and obstacles should motivate, not to justify.

So that you don’t succeed, blame only you, and not a country.

3. Ideology

So, without their own point of view on the reality life is hard. Each of us somehow identificeret yourself. Someone calls himself Orthodox, some liberal, but who is a transhumanist.

But now it is impossible to determine the correctness of the views of anything. You can be confident in their actions, but not in what surrounds us. We live in a time when any event has to be assessed in private. No need to use pre-prepared templates, though sometimes I want.

We take a holiday and spend his half of the city budget only because he now fits into the framework of ideology, tomorrow, this feast may not be. We treat others with contempt, because they have «wrong views», although I can’t explain your own. Yes, and there are no real ideas that would have a serious Foundation in our minds. The Foundation is always the correct explanation, but of which the correctness can be discussed if it comes down to opposition to something «foreign»?

We have once wrote about an experiment where people of different views put into one room and forced to communicate. There were Christian fundamentalists, right wing, left wing, liberals. The results showed that in a real communication all these people find a lot in common, they are not strangers to the cohesion in some areas, especially at the household level. All of this division and leave the politicians, when we have a real policy.

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