Than good generation of 20-year-old

manygoodtips.com_23.04.2014_qJw4CODruv7y9All the abuse the youth — the eternal social law. The condemnation of the old is as good to us as well as the interest of the young for which we will always be by example. Each new generation of his predecessors was blamed for laziness, immorality, and inconsistency of outdated norms. There is no point in complaining: it will be repeated again and again. But we have advantages that cannot be denied.

1. Tolerance

I have the feeling that each generation learns to be more tolerant of people. In our country there are many tourists, migrants and students who get education here, and we get used to them. And it’s not just in tolerance to other Nations. We are ready to take any appearance, any tastes and any sexual orientation, if a person is adequate. Of course, the question of discrimination has not yet been resolved to the end, however, this plan is going smoothly. And it’s nice, because hating people due to their own limitations is a bad thing. And be friends with them well.

2. Relationship with technology

Every decade brings with it new technology. Youth develops them, and the old reject. Over the last 20 years technology has leaped forward. Our memory came mobile phones, then they are available to all, and then became available to all smartphones. Even students have phones with touchscreens, which they are looking for information on the Internet, send emails, and communicate with each other.

3. Love to new knowledge

All the time, hated school: we, our parents, our grandparents, but it’s just nice to know the facts. It is strange that the older generation complains, they say, do not read youth. We read ten times more often than our predecessors, — online only. Maybe we are reading less fiction, but we read Wikipedia, how many times have you opened this website for the last three hours? Wikipedia is the embodiment of curiosity of our generation. We enjoy finding new information. Let’s say you bleeech for a specific sports team. To learn about the history of the club, before you have or find a corporate publication, or to view the topic «Sports» in every newspaper, in order to find you a piece of information. Now you can read all over the Internet: the history of the club, and position in the standings, and information about the team of rivals and a biography of each player. And because we do this!

4. Music

Typical quibbling senior: «what they listen to, it is impossible to accept! It’s just noise!» And they are wrong. We have a wonderful music! They judge it only on the songs that sound on the radio, and there are, however, often plays trash. Thanks to blogs, groups in Vkontakte and torrent trackers we can listen to anything at all. As we have previously learned about new groups? Bought special magazines once a month, but what we read there, was just the tip of the iceberg. You can now listen to what I want to know anything about the artists.

Our music is challenging in its own way. Inostrannymi it is filled with quotations and references to the musical heritage of the past. Meet complex rhythmic patterns and interesting transitions. Music wider stereotypes — it is necessary to open eyes and ears.

5. Attitude to relations

You can meet with anyone, anywhere and all the time. No one will tell you the word and will not expect you to marry a girl in three months. Who wants to marry the next day after meeting, agreeing with the employees of the registry office. Someone has sex friendship. Someone engaged in a Threesome. And this is precisely the attitude to the relations that should be, namely: no one should touch your private Affairs.

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