Than extreme cases, Ka-Bar, 17.07.2013, G17vUFCMHZINyLEkR5zWucIXfZtBsZTD

No wonder, the producers of this acid some believe that their child is perfect for elimination of the consequences of the Apocalypse, like the timid hope of survival. Let the zombies do not distinguish colors (although this is debatable), but this acid than they are required to check five kilometers.

However, steel 4-inch blade, the assurances of creators, passion as good. Blunts, does not break and remains without indent after prolonged use. Blades tanto I always liked zombies they crumble. But in the household I for the life of me can’t see.

The handle is quite a good idea to lie in the hand, however, the quality of plastic I could not understand. Given the disgusting color of the handle, I can say that it is full of crap!

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