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It is believed that cufflinks is in some way part of the image held, a grown man, who knows the value of themselves and money. And even understands something in style. On the other hand, it. What is also part of the men, a necessary element, because we know that people in the representation of women must be handy. And what just contributes to this. Although all the stereotypes: what is just comfortable.

So why cufflinks and what not to merge? Crazy idea, but who brought it to life. These cufflinks are not only a good complement your appearance, but quite functional. Of course, they kill someone or to cut the Apple it’s unlikely, but if you’ve got thread these studs it is very easy to clean: the blades are very sharp. And all because they are made from excellent stainless steel. Supplements blade with diamond dust.

Look very manly. Cost around $ 60.

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