Than backlit SOG Specialty Knives

For me, it’s just a great idea to combine the knife with lights. When you need something to grind, and all around a damn sight, comes to the aid or a flashlight in your teeth, or that kind of nonsense. Although the Nokia with flashlight has not been canceled. I still don’t understand why nobody came up with this great idea. It’s simple: take a knife and bolted to it at least duct tape a flashlight. Cheap and cheerful! This situation reminds me of the third Doom.

The full name of the knife — SOG Specialty Knives & Tools BLT50N-CP Bladelight Folder LED knife is equipped with six small status LEDs that, however, give an excellent directional light. Excellent sharpening, stainless steel, length 10 inches. The LEDs are protected against the ingress of water and operate at a depth of almost one metre. Black comfortable handle of nylon is the anthropometric form. What is delivered with a lifetime warranty. The cost is $ 42. You can find it on Amazon.

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