Texting and relationships: when and what to write?

Work.com.ua_6.12.2013_uCpaaUwwFRwQkBefore you go on a first date with his girlfriend, I a week had corresponded with her via SMS. During this time, I am fully aware of the importance of the little things. Ten years ago a short text message on the phone is not attached so much significance. I remember my first kichizaemon, Telefonia template type «I have a meeting», «I’ll be home» and the like? During this time SMS have undergone a real evolution, and writing texts has become a kind of domestic art. How to text a woman for any reason? Learn from the guru.

First date

She finishes your sentences and understands you perfectly. You think a little more and you’ll fly. Everything around you begins to Shine, and if you managed to spend the night with her, is undoubtedly a success. If you have passed the first test of compatibility — a first date — congratulations. Now we have to fix the result.

Before, when SMS was not yet popular back then, everyone advised me not to call the girl immediately after the farewell. According to this ancient rule, it was necessary to wait a few days and then do it towards the second step. When SMS became a part of our communication, it has ceased to be inviolable, but the simplicity is still far.

The best option for SMS after first date — something easy and harmless. Acceptable options: «It was a wonderful evening, can’t wait to repeat» or «I heard how the girl spoke in such a voice as the old woman who sat near us in a cafe, only looks about eighteen.» Slight hints of your date you should let her know what you think about the time spent with her. I beg you: avoid all kinds of formalities, so as not to seem that boring.

For any gingerbreads not to plan a second date with her via SMS. No «I’ll pick you up at eight on Tuesday from work, OK?» it’s as if you’ve been Dating for a few months, and then a good six months. Such questions are best addressed using the old phone call, which we all so diligently avoiding.

Next date

If you have reached this stage, now it’s time to concentrate. You know, when lapses in communication over text? When you write to people you know well enough to maintain a conversation with them, but not good enough to just pick up the phone. This thin line between comfort and uncertainty — optimal conditions for communication by SMS what you like and don’t invade her life, but still remain aware of her Affairs. Even when the relationship has already begun, you still need to remember a few rules.

SMS about feelings: Maybe you had a bit to drink during get-togethers with friends or colleagues and you loosened the tongue? This trait is typical of many: we are all human. Tipsy, we then grab the phone and rush to inform her about what we feel. We are so bursting with love, not similar to any past feelings, and sometimes we want to urgently convey to her that she is in the wrong tone, talking about their exes.

Even if you had a fight, never write her an SMS about their concerns regarding your relationship. Leave this topic for personal conversations with eye to eye and then say thanks for what was not in a hurry and do not make mistakes that are almost impossible to correct. If you want to tell her about his feelings, and to hint that this might be love? Enough to build itself from the Pushkin — call her for dinner. Extremes of positive and negative emotions are too subtle to discuss such things must personally, otherwise you could cause yourself problems.

SMS to another city: She went to the camp or at the cottage with my friends and suddenly you know what will happen to them and her ex. What to do? To accuse her of infidelity or pretend to be cool and ignore this fact? Such problems are frequently encountered in a new relationship. The answer can be anything, a General rule — never carry out an attack via SMS.

Difficult to fight at full strength and fully discuss the problem, using the amount of text to 70 characters. As it can be accommodate your feelings? How can I prove his innocence? Even if she provokes you, say to her: «we’ll Discuss it later» — it will be much wiser. To solve the problem via SMS — still trying to get to the center of the Earth with the help of the children’s shovel.


Perhaps a trip to the country has not gone unnoticed, and there will be your girlfriend found on your shapely ass for such adventures, after which you can no longer be together. In this situation, you have to save face and be cool.

To start a breakup via text is not cool. No emails, messages, Facebook or Twitter. With such nonsense you can’t end the relationship under any circumstances. SMS fall into the same category. If you break up now via SMS, it is, oddly enough, will not affect your future relationships.

Once you plucked up the courage to stay «just friends», don’t use SMS again to drag you into a relationship or to be engaged with you sex. The opportunity to return to the old is always attractive, especially when you had just divorced, but be careful, when three o’clock comes to you from it some stupid text message: «are you Sleeping?», «What are you doing?». Usually this dudes crazy and they are ready for anything. Know what lesson you were supposed to learn? The apparent simplicity of the text leads to great difficulties.

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