Test for everyone who just broke up


Suddenly she does not like the Christmas gift you had made for her, or she’ll go to study abroad — you never know what might be the reason for divorce? Whatever the circumstances, accept that now you’re alone, in the XXI century, and you have something to do with it. Congratulations. This time not a happy New year.

In the coming months, you will have to save face among friends, among relatives, at work, and in social networks. It’s hard to be normal when you had a constant woman, and now you’re looking for casual relationships and climb out of the skin for people not to think you’re soft and limp. What difficulties will be in your way?

Clumsy the status of the guy who just got dumped

People do not know how to behave with boys who were not so lucky. Somehow that is impossible to learn how not to try. All are making efforts, but none of your friends will not look at this situation, the jerk. Someone to pose as sympathetic to the soup and offers you to talk. Why the hell? Why would I want to talk about it? Can someone help if I pour it all the crap that had accumulated in my heart?

There are dudes that try to pretend nothing happened. They chat with you as if nothing had happened, safely evade the topic of your breakup, avoid to put the question of any relationship, but somehow still fail and inadvertently asked you: «do you Remember how you and Lena…» — and then shut up, because there comes to them that they just failed in his plan to ignore the problem. And here he stands before you, red as cancer, struggling to find the end of the phrase, and you don’t even awkward. You laugh, because — and what he had hoped? What do you svetnoy in the eye with that thing from the movie «Men in black» and you forgot that time when you were in a relationship? He really thinks that now you remember in one person, as if wasn’t with you women? You better just shut up.

Another inconvenience is to be alone among the couples. To be in the role of such a person is very unenviable. All tell you how important relationships are, how much they appreciate each other and how important it is for you to wipe your feet on yourself and go to call her to his back. Well, Yes. And bequeath to her his apartment and ask often to leave you, to not be bored.

Spending money on foreign women in the hope that it is not in vain

Have you forgotten what it’s like to start a relationship with a girl. You have all been stable, you had your customs and traditions, place, and shared benefits. You anything for it, you adapted to her needs. Now what? A foreign woman. You are in someone else’s café. Pay for it. Lead her to the cinema and pay for it there. With all this, you’re not sure if you will see her next time and whether it is worth it to shell out, not to kill time.

A high probability that you belongs to perevedite a million drunk girls in bars and clubs, you’re going to buy them overpriced drinks. You have to visit a million movies that you don’t like. What to do to get out of dermisa that you got, so forget about laziness and greed. In the best case you will have sex.

You will have to sew more than ever

And even the hell with them, with money. What is difficult is to go to the movies or to a coffee shop? A great mind is not necessary. Come, sit down. Call and write SMS is a common thing that I phone is not seen? The hardest part is to meet and take a room.

It will give you a superhuman work like you drisch and trying to off the floor the barbell heavier than its weight. Why? For what? Why are you so angered God? And nothing, he always hated you, and you were too long out of the game. When his side was a constant friend to puke you would like all Dating methods, well, well, do not care, namely, to tear, because he considered himself far above all of those idiots who hit on girls and cheap tricks of trying to lure them a phone number. Congratulations, now you’re one of them. And in their rating of you hanging out for the last place. If you were a note, you’d be it: you would write even not on the lowest line of the stave, and under it, pririsovyvat bottom another you’re among these dudes.

You feel insecure, you’re not in shape, you may even plump, because you were a woman — why bother? All this leads to the fact that the results you will have, frankly, disappointing.

Will have to settle for mediocre options

A logical consequence of the previous paragraph. Even if your girlfriend was super cool, but then you got dumped, you’re still screwed. Where to get faith in yourself, if you were it is not needed? Now you begin to think that you can’t be needed at all to anyone: or the woman who knows you inside out, wouldn’t leave you alone in a world where you have enough worries. Of course, you’ll approach the girls and try to meet them, only to choose to do this, you will be more modest options. Why? They’re so themselves, they should enjoy any attention, they should immediately tear off my clothes and climb onto the table to dance a happy dance «Yay, thirty years and three years I have sex». Unfortunately, even they are not going to dance, keep their clothes on — not even unbutton the top button on the blouse but you still do not give up. Good luck, man. We will break.

Coming home alone

Even if you get lucky and they’ll give you an average chick, this does not mean that the world is once again painted in pink color, and on the way, poplevina rainbow unicorn run, inviting you to stay in this story forever. And do not close. Reality will take you by the scruff of the neck and dip face in your shitty case. You’re lonely. You don’t care about all these, Madam. You go home, and either the right or left unoccupied. No one with whom to discuss an idiotic film that you drove is some girl, no one to make fun of hackneyed plot and their idiotic behavior: lived, hanging out with a chick, which has rhinestones on artificial nails, wow. No one above you will not laugh. No one will smear you a sandwich when you get back to the apartment. No one will sleep with you in bed — who would have thought that you need it?

Excitement before sex

One sex will inevitably happen. No, really, come to dramatize, sooner or later, you’re still getting laid, dude. But it will be difficult. You would be afraid to embarrass myself and do something wrong, you have no idea what she likes and what her mind. The buoy will stand up very gingerly, suspiciously peering at his new audience. Maybe he’ll even fall back. It does not say, without shame during sex with another woman is not enough. But nothing. Next time will be better.

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