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One of the main things in human life is curiosity. Laziness goes hand in hand with lack of curiosity. These two things make your personality degraded. However, it should also be remembered that to fall into dependence on innovation is quite real. And so keep in the middle of the surfboard.

Routine attractive. You know what will happen tomorrow, you don’t even guess about what will happen the day after tomorrow. This situation is very easy to manage, so the vast majority of citizens prefer to relax and work at the same place the same way. But they understand that they are bored. They feel that some very important part of life eludes them somewhere. And, really, it is.

These simple tests will help you to open up, break routine, and perhaps get on the path to a better person. Some of them are crazy and some are quite commonplace and not difficult to implement.

1. Call someone instead of writing a text message

Unfortunately, not only introverts don’t like to call. Habit to communicate exclusively through text messages on Skype, phone or social networks plays a cruel joke with us. To call someone, to talk to him, became for us a real feat. We are in awe of the person who is on the other end, or feel very awkward when talking, not using letters. It is this habit plays with us a cruel joke: a modern man in a textual communication is different from real. Sometimes even too much.

Call your close lunch break: mom, girlfriend, grandmother or friend. They will be surprised, of course, and friends, and the girl will think that something is wrong, but you do it more for myself than for them. Perhaps then they will get used to your calls, and you’ll get used to this form of communication as more real.

2. Wake up early and do a run

Well, or just take a walk around the neighborhood. Saturday morning — not the best time for Hiking. Shines still warm sun, singing birds, and the air is clean and bitter. In short, about this time of day, you can even compose poetry. Jogging is a useful thing, but sometimes a leisurely stroll briskly in the Park or the Park next to the house enough to saturate the lungs with oxygen and set the mood from bad to acceptable.

The most annoying thing in this challenge is to get up in the morning. Even if it lifting 8 hours, but not too early 6, sleep still will not let you go. Take will in a fist and prove that man!

3. Go to the gym

We have such a big category «Fitness» and you still decided to play sports? Shame on you, comrade! The gym if you have not visited it or never visited for a long time, will become for you a new real challenge. Seriously, every man should at least once go to this place. For the memories at least! And then you sit, probably, think that all jocks are stupid and mean nothing.

4. Go to the gym? Make yourself a new individual program

If you have done this, wait for the time when you can with quiet conscience to change the program, and then me. To do this, grab a notebook, a pen, my old records with the results and, of course, a good book, for example, «Anatomy of power exercises». Carefully ponder a new program and its weaknesses. Now create something new.

5. Go for lunch with colleagues or friends bad friend

Joint dinner, for some strange reason, really brings people together. I think that American and British scientists the time to explore this phenomenon. If you never went with colleagues for lunch together, invite them. We realize that you, as a true misanthrope want to eat alone, but sometimes you can go to the staff meeting, especially to fend off swarms. If among the employees there are those people with whom you had little contact and never went there, most of the time with them make friends.

Surely you have friends who are kind and seem cool, but you communicate with them very rarely. Try to get these guys to meet, drink a beer, go bowling, watch football.

This course you don’t need to improve relationships with strangers and colleagues, and to develop the correct sense of spontaneity, which, unfortunately, there are a small number living on this blue ball.

6. Stay in silence

Even if you’re a complete extrovert, it’s time to sit in silence and proud silence. The lack of outside noise, human noise, and a large number of unnecessary information — all this will help you to relieve the heavy burden from their shoulders. Visit one of these places alone and you’ll be able to look at the situation that is happening with you now, on the other hand.

7. Do someone unfamiliar a nice little thing

For example, buy a little boy a chocolate bar. Or give a strange girl a coffee without a second thought. Well, or feed the homeless puppy on the street a whole packet of dog food. A little good thing did not slip the scales of the battle between good and evil out of the way first. It is certainly not going to change the world. The meaning of such altruism is only in leaving the comfort zone and heated his sense of self-worth.

8. Think very carefully about what you want to be in three or five years

This should reflect not only students or students and adults. What are you going to be able to in a few years? What you should be? Why not start to change ourselves right now to be by this time an ambulance at altitude? You can go to the gym, learn a new hobby, improve their skills, learn something completely new. Fans to compile their personal lists can write one in Notepad or on a special website.

9. Go to work on foot

Of course, if you live in the beginning of one metro line, and your job is on an entirely different end, to go on foot will not work. Well, you have to get up at five o’clock in the morning, and a harsh trial for our team. If your office is a couple of stops from you, come walk a week. Such a great challenge, you can even Wake up in the process.

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