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When we do the reviews of gadgets that we send to manufacturers, of course, you want to see only the positive qualities of their products in articles, and we write only the truth and nothing but the truth. Many do not like it. But when we get a really high quality product, we are not ashamed to present it to your dear readers. Today we tell about a very interesting headphones JBL Everest 300. Interesting, they are attractive design, a combination of price and quality and, of course, new-fangled technology sound settings and a combination of several of headphones into one audio stream. And now about everything more.

Design and ergonomics


Everyone knows that in appearance, and escorted on the inside. Probably, we will also follow this rule in our review.

To our test came headphones white color, which looks quite fashionable and nice. A sense of style. Materials like to the touch and in appearance, look very expensive. Headphones suitable for both everyday use and for advanced fashionistas. They will easily fit to any outfit, whether sporty casual style or formal suit. Consider your collection added another trendy gadget, if you buy one of these headphones. But we should not treat them only as a beautiful addition to appearance. With the sound and additional options are all on highest level. However, everything in order.


Let’s start with the design and ergonomics. Headphones JBL Everest 300 applied the special design of the folding, which allows you to easily transport them or put in a small bag. It is very comfortable and does not cause any problems during transportation — the solution to the eternal problem of overhead headphones found.

Comfortable physical buttons headphones — on both speakers. To the right is a power button and a button for pairing with other gadgets, more about that talk separately. On the left side is a button with three positions that you can switch between incoming calls. Apparently headphones are aimed at fellowship. Also there is a built-in microphone and can serve as conversation and audio recording.


Soft comfortable ear cushions does not put pressure on the head that is found in many headphones of this type. It applies a special system of pressure distribution, which ensures a great fit gadget when listening to music or watching movies. Materials that covered the ear pads are very high quality and will last a long time.

They are made of fine and pleasant tissue. In our case, with a white color headphone. At least it doesn’t look like most cheap imitations, which begins to peel off paint after a few days of operation. We also noticed an interesting technology to attach the ear pads on the headphone. They walk freely and automatically adjust to any head shape. It is very convenient and functional. The headset connector is microUSB and the entrance is 2.5 headphone wire if they suddenly died and connect via Bluetooth at this time. Headphones are adjusted in height through retractable mechanisms on the rim.


Design and ergonomics in the JBL Everest 300 are at a very high level. All simple and functional. To find fault with. Everything is in its place, does not cause any discomfort and forces to focus their attention on the sounds without thinking about design. He’s got all excellent, and for someone it is a benchmark. It looks quite expensive and will surely impress others, if that’s important to you.


Let’s move on to the most important component of any headphones is the sound. From spoilers: from the point of view of the mass of the user — sound JBL Everest 300 close to perfect. In the stock settings of the sound source can feel all frequencies and ranges of the transmitted sound. Techno captured all the middle and high frequencies. In music, bass felt good and deep low frequencies. Many of the songs will sound to you in new ways, if you have never used a good and close to professional headphones. Naturally, it is possible to adjust the sound differently for each individual genre of music. But normal user don’t have to. All the features of the JBL Everest 300 you can see in the table below. Not going to focus on the dry numbers, and waste your precious time.


In simple words — space for setting the headphone is significant and you can pick up the sound of it for yourself, which is what true connoisseurs of good sound. The JBL Everest 300 contains the most advanced innovations developed by the JBL, so you can enjoy your favorite tracks and constantly make new musical discoveries. Indeed, some notes of familiar songs sound completely different. Sometimes it skips clock cycles previously unnoticed. Only this time you know what real sound quality is and how much people lose when listening to music mediocre, in every sense, headphones. Quite another thing is the JBL Everest 300 is like a Lamborghini in the supercar world. It’s like Cristiano Ronaldo in world football. Fashionable, high quality and eye-catching.


These headphones are well suited for people who do not want and have no desire to understand all the intricacies of the music. You just take these headphones connect to your smartphone and enjoy great sound. If you understand the intricacies of range and frequencies, when properly configured, you will be able to get a really professional sound. These headphones are capable!


Wireless technology

Headphones JBL Everest 300 is like the standard for all modern gadgets function and are quite interesting and unique. The company said about a real revolution with the release of this model. The first that strikes you when unpacking these headphones is that the wire lies separately. This is not surprising because JBL Everest 300 equipped with the technology of wireless playback via Bluetooth and have on Board this technology version 4.1. Built-in battery 610 mAh is designed for 20 hours of music without recharging. Your smartphone won’t live that long, and the headphones. If the headphones charged over at the most inopportune moment, that includes the wire. With it, the gadget becomes a normal wired headphones and will not cause you any problems.

Sound transmission to other headphones

The most interesting feature of these headphones is ShareMe — ability to transmit sound to other Bluetooth headphones. This is very handy if you’re watching a movie with friends or with his girlfriend. You will be freed from wires and at the same time, you will be able to listen to the same audio stream. On the headphone there is a special button — S (ShareMe). The principle of operation of this function is at first sight very simple. JBL headphones act as the receiving center of the sound source, namely from a smartphone or player and distribute the sound via Bluetooth to other headphones that support this technology.

Now will not have lots of wires and constantly buy new connectors for different headphones. They constantly burn you, too? In manygoodtips.com there was even a good idea to use this chip. A party that will not disturb your neighbors below. Need only give sound with headphones JBL Everest 300 all participants the Bluetooth headphones and you can dance the night away. Brilliant!


Professional setting

In order to properly and more professionally customized headphones JBL Everest 300, the company took care of you and made a special free app for smartphones. You can find it in the AppStore and Play Market. The app is quite functional and really to understand it easy. You can control a number of functions:

— adjust the noise level for each ear;

— EQ settings.

— set up a smart button;

— firmware update headphones, and so on.

If you want to run your headphones at 100% then download this app is a must. You can set the appropriate sound for any genre of music and to fully enjoy the full depth of sound.

Our opinion

Summing up review of headphones JBL Everest 300, you can ask yourself one question. We bought these headphones? The answer is Yes, would buy. To explain this solution is very simple. Firstly, it is, of course, the sound, and this is the main quality of the headphones. The sound in the JBL Everest 300 terms of mass user is almost perfect. Large frequency range allows you to configure them for themselves and for any music genre to better take in the sound and get maximum pleasure. Second, the headphones look very nice and will look good with any style of clothing. And, of course, are important and functional features of the gadget. Wireless technology and the ability to distribute audio streams to other Bluetooth headphones are some of the most interesting features of this model. Simple, stylish and high quality!

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